About me.

The greatest thing about me, right now, is that I can change my mind whenever I want to.

<3 G Oh D

I enjoy a good debate, but don't get frustrated with me because I don't see things in Black & White.

There are two sides to every coin- and then there's the stuff in the middle.

My Favorite Quote, that I made up, all by me onesees: "Being yourself, in the world today, is like marching into battle without armor."

More about me:

Nah, I changed my mind.

Annd, I changed my mind AGAIN.

This is for Len, since he'd like to know- and you too, whomever you are that mayhaps, might also wish to know:

"I'd love to know your age, religious beliefs (in depth), interesting life experiences, thoughts music, etc." -- Len

I am an old lady, but because I'm a mom, I'm also a M.I.L.K. (Mom I'd like to kiss- Hey, I'm a lady).
I was born on All Saints Day/Dia de Muerte in 1984.

Imagine a world, with no religion. There are no churches, no synagogues, and no temples of any sort. You see it now? Good. Now, imagine there is a really ancient compilation of texts from an ancient tribe, that is able to, almost magically offer a divine wisdom that supercedes anything of this world.

In that ancient text, you are taught to love God and love your neighbor, and in doing so, you find a piece of heaven on Earth- Then, you look up, take in the world around you, and suddenly realize that many people hate you, or think less of you, simply because, you love Jesus Christ, you share communion with his divine, Holy Spirit, and in all things you do, you are empowered by him.

You may, eventually, even hate the Church for what the world says it represents: Hypocritical, judgemental self-righteousness, but then, after much soul searching you realize "church" needs more people like you, more than you need people like them- You realize, in your own walk, that you also can never be perfect, and we are saved by grace throguh faith in Christ alone, and that none will be perfect, and judge not...

Then, all things become new, your life begins to change, and the world around you seems a far less cynical place.... you wish you could PROVE, to those who don't believe, the beauty, the happiness.. the inner peace you exerience within, with the others around you- perhaps those, who have not yet known it for themselves.

There was a time when I thought that ruling powers were not in our control, and although I still feel this way to some extent, I believe in letting your voice be heard.

I don't believe in Republican or Democrattic boxes, and although I tend to lean more towards a "Moderate Conservative," I prefer to think of my self as a humanitarian and non-conformist.

I remember being kids and talking amongst ourselves; about how we would PREFER to die, if it was going to happen anyway- Many of us agreed, myself included, that dying in our sleep, would be the best way to go- Much better than drowning or dying in a fire.. but now, as an adult, my thinking has changed: I would rather die for speaking out and making a difference- at the dirrective of some power-that-be who considers my personal truth to be a threat to their worldly agenda- Ya know, Abraham Lincoln, MLK, Kennedy, Lennon, Jesus Christ style.


  • As a child, I was successfully and legally kidnapped 3 seperate times, with several botched attempts.

  • I was adopted into a family, making me the yourngest of 8 while my biological parents, in an unmutually combined effort, made me the oldest of 7 half siblings, yet I was raised as an only child, by my adoptive parents. Therefor, I am the only person I've met who is the youngest of 8, oldest 0f 8, the middle child of 16, AND an only child.

  • I spent my 16th birthday, in a Nashville recording studio, where I recorded a proffessional, 10-song album, which is available on iTunes Under The Surface by Rebeckah Earl Cooper

  • I am a musical genius- kinda... I can pick up just about any intstrument, sang before I ever spoke, and was writing my own songs by the age of 5. I recently learned the guitar, and though I have only played in public, at open mics, a handful of times, my first real gig was at House of Blues, Dallas, which I hear is a quite an achievement.

*There was a period of time in my life where I was actually a "Beauty School Drop Out.

  • I have the actual one-on-one contact information for a platinum selling recording artist on my iPhone. I sat next to him for 20minutes and even insulted him before I realized his, was the first concert I attended ever, and I owned every single one of his albums.

  • I scored a 36 on the AQ- Autism Spectrum Quotient

  • When I was 26, (I'm old, rememeber)- I discovered, before flunking out of my second semester, that I am a sevant with some charcoals, and it aleviates my stress.

  • I've actually had a shrink tell me, "Wow- I'm surprised you are even able to function".. the same shrink who later said, "That's brilliant! Let me just write that down- Mind if I quote you?"

  • One of my favorite cousins was brutally murdered, and one of my best friends in high school became a brutal murderer.

  • I have official dx's, of which are included: DID (Before it was trendy), PTSD, OCD, and ADHD. lots of D's.. kinda like my bra size.


It would be easier for me if, instead of explaining the types of music I like, I offer a playlist:

  • Foolish - Jupiter Rising
  • You Sent Me Flyin - Amy Winehouse
  • Ghost Riders In The Sky - Johnny Cash
  • Stronger Than Me - Patsy Cline
  • The Widow - The Mars Volta
  • Lotion - Greenskeeper
  • Sad, Sad, City - Ghostland Observatory
  • Beating Hearts Baby - Head Atomica
  • Beautiful Like Me - Joydrop
  • Cut - Plumb
    -Roads - Portishead
    -Tears Don't Fall - Bulletts For My Valentine
  • Roadhouse Blues- The doors
  • Kiss The Rain - Billie Myer
  • Move - Mercy Me
  • I Will Not Be Moved - Natalie Grant
  • Can Anybody See Her - Casting Crowns
  • Awake & Alive - Skillet
  • Fully Alive - Flyleaf
  • Simple Man - shinedown

(start with that, if you want more, let me know.)

Everything else: I speak my mind, and I don't care what yout think! Just kidding, I actually want you to like me, but if not- Oh well. You probably did us both a solid.