Opposing sides on a controversial issue should have at least one goal in common: the betterment of society, amirite?

But a "better society" is subjective.

Is it annoying when people make open-ended posts? Or when you see one do you say, "Oh, must be a newbie to this site, I can forgive them for that"? Should people who make these kinds of posts be removed from amirite?

Nah, they'll figure it out eventually, or just quit posting because they're tired of getting down-voted.

Life is what gets in the way of having free time, amirite?

People get on the way of free time.

I can't stand when a person says "I didn't have time," because the truth is they didn't MAKE time.

Hanging up clothes is such a bother, amirite?

I used to say that the heat from the dryer made me sick, just to get out of it.

When people have something bad to say about you, its b’coz they don’t have anything good to say about themselves.

How many people down-voted this just "b'coz"?

It's obnoxious and condescending to put a smiley face when you're arguing with someone heatedly, Amirite?

I heatedly argue against that :)

Only singers who do their own original songs should be allowed on Americas Got Talent, amirite?

The AGT judges discourage people from singing original songs.

I really do not think that all customers who shop at places like Purple Haze and Spencer's are a bunch of low life pot smoking freaks. It takes a far more than that to be a freak (that is not mainstream).

Not all people who smoke pot are "low life"s.

You're cool with that under Obama for every 1.65 employed persons in the private sector, one person receives welfare assistance. For every 1.25 employed persons in the private sector, one person receives welfare assistance or works for the government. Meaning there are 110 million privately employed workers and 88 million welfare recipients and government workers. The former’s numbers are shrinking while the latter’s are growing, amirite?

I haven't seen any political siding at all- I have seen FACTS- Although he most likely is Republican, most of his posts have been bi-partisan, draw-your-own-conclusion types.

Also, it's super annoying that people assume that anyone who isn't a fan of Obama's performance is instantly labeled a Republican.

A rumor goes in one ear and out of many mouths.

A rumor will go in twice as many ears than the moths it leaves.

It's a strange thing when numerous of your old posts make it to the home page within a few days, amirite?

It's like- "Jeez, what took so long?"

Height-wise, would you be really short (brown), short (red), lower end of average (orange), higher end of average (yellow), tall(green), or really tall(purple)?

Somewhere between orange and yellow, I think..

Curious, isn't it, how Admin is #1 user with only 1 post in 7 days and previous posts can't be seen due to a private profile.

.... I just wanna see what's been favorited 50-somethin times in the past week :/

There could truly be a supernatural occurrence, such as something minor disappearing into thin air, and we'd be confused for a minute, and finally convince ourselves we put it away, or that it was never there, Amirite?

My friends' SD card disappeared off of my coffey table. It was funny because it happened not too long after I had "lost" mine: while trying to insert it in the computer tower-I fumbled the gadget, and even on my hands and knees, searching frantically and could not find it. Anyway, later in time, back to my friend's missing memory card - Three people looked everywhere for it. I mean, not just looked, but like crackhead lookin fir a rock, LOOKED..Strangely though, just when she thought she had found her SD card, we discover it was MY SD card, that had mysteriously gone missing a while back.

Several weeks, maybe months pass by and no card- we got a new area rug in the front room, where the computer was and new furniture for the living room. Time went on and the SD card was mostly forgotten.

Whilst sitting at the computer one day and fumbling with a USB chord, I look down and see, on the new rug, my friend's missing SD card- on a rug that wasn't there before- in a completely different room than it was lost in.

John Lennon was a communist, amirite?

Posts like this, make me wish for a "maybe," or "it's possible button.