You stand with Israel, amirite?

Um.. That is a hard question to answer. I stand with my legs mostly but I think I stood with an Israeli more than once.

You're slightly more careful with scissors whilst naked, amirite?

Hmmm.. I can't remember ever using scissors while naked.

The fact that my girlfriend still considers her self bisexual even after we've been dating for almost two years(I'm a guy) is a good reason for me to dump her, amirite?
@Bull shit it's not. Lemme guess; you claim to be confused as to whether you love penis or vagina? Stop trying to...

That's like saying you have to choose between chocolate and vanilla. It IS possible to like both.

At some point you've forced a pet to cuddle even though it didn't want to, amirite?

I was like- "Love me dammit!"

Even though it's the best system we have, Democracy is still flawed because the majority can make decisions that affect the minority but not the majority
@fuzala it's still flawed though ya know?

It is the job of the minority to convince the majority. It is the job of the majority to consider the minority.

It's weird how both of these can be seen as cubes, but your brain only sees the one on the left as a cube, amirite?

I saw both cubes right away

Religion, if god loves us so, why does he ask for donations, currency is man's creation, what use would "god" have for it?

By giving money back you show faith he will give you more. It seems dilly if you don't believe or read the bible regularly, but it's merely a demonstration of faith, and not required. Churches still have to pay the bills and keep the pantry stocked so they can continue to feed the hungry.

If Kate Middleton doesn’t present the baby to the world from her balcony the same way Rafiki presented Simba they are doing it wrong

I dunno. Michael Jackson got in big trouble for doing something similar.

A master villain breaks into your house and ties you to a chair with a gun at your head. "I'll let you live if you kill one person for me" he sneers. "No you dastardly individual, I would never take the life of another human being!" you valiantly shout. He holds up a picture of the person he wants you to kill. Why, it's your ex! You decide to go along with his demands, amirite?

I would pretend to go along with it long enough to take out the master villain, cause I'm a boss.

Maybe is a baby that needs to be loved, until it says its first word. Now depending on the first word, the mother and father of this maybe could fight whether the baby's first word was in fact yes. So they end up divorced and they must find our how to take care of this maybe and en up giving it to a good fried of theirs, but after they realize that the maybe should be with it's birth parents, they decide to remarry and get back their baby. They then live on and the maybe dies young, amirite?

Um.. What?

Everyone should pay 50%-75% of their income toward federal taxes, amirite?

Not no, but HECK NAW!

People who watched Brave: You were very surprised at what happened, amirite?

It's not like the previews ever gave us something to go on- more like "It's Disney.. It's animated... It's coming"

iWONDER: What are the user age groups in ? (AGREE) If Older than 20 (DISAGREE) If Younger than 20
Even though it's the best system we have, Democracy is still flawed because the majority can make decisions that affect the minority but not the majority

The majority should take the winning vote. It would be a strange government that operated at the behest of the minority over the majority.

Click "Yeah You Are!" to vote for Obama, and "No Way!" to vote for Rommey. Let's see who wins this! amirite?

Ron Paul