It's weird how both of these can be seen as cubes, but your brain only sees the one on the left as a cube, amirite?

I saw both cubes right away

Ok.. Murder is never right period. People need to use birth control or plan b, or quit sleeping around. Once that "fetus" has a heartbeat, ANY human action taken to end it, that are not medically necessary, is WRONG. Put the baby up for adoption if you don't want it- having a doctor vacuum out your mistakes won't fix the real problem. Do some research on how many women spend their whole life regretting abortions they had. I know a few personally.

You've never seen cats having sex. You know why? Because they know if they let us see them having sex were going to steal their position just like we did with the dogs, amirite?

It's the same as doggie style except you add the male biting the female on the back of the neck while the female screams/howls wildly in pain.

There's types of ink that only show up under a black light. It'd be pretty funny to get a face tattoo with that ink so you look normal when you're just hanging out in normal lighting, but then you'd look all crazy when you're clubbin or playing laser tag or something, amirite?

The ink is still slightly visible during the day- looks like a weird skin condition, and is highly toxic.

Isn't it interesting: Insurance will cover the cost for Viagra but not for birth control.

You haven't crapped your pants since you were little amirite?

Um.. They make adult diapers for a reason.

It seems like the songs you hate the most are the ones that are always in your head, because they're ridiculously catchy. amirite?

Like Call Me Maybe and MmmBop

I agree that they would just do it anyway- however based on that argument argument heroin should also be legal.

Also, I did not say that "sleeping around" is the case for all abortions.

People need to realize their actions have consequences and anyone not willing to accept the consequences of their actions should rethink them.

I'm sorry- I am pro-life wether abortions are legal or not, but I agree with you in that people will do whatever they want regardless of the law and who they hurt.


Babies ALWAYS get adopted. There is a LONG line of people waiting for them to be available. Sadly, older children that need good homes and families get lost in the system.


I apologized if that is how it sounds but it is not what I meant. I meant that people who use contraceptives, plan b, and are not promiscuous are less likely to be seen at the abortion clinic.

I will never agree that a woman has the right to end a life that God created.

Once again, I will sum it up with this final opinion: people will do what they want to do regardless of the law and who they hurt.


Not my initial argument. Just a cease fire for opposing opinions that agree to disagree. :)

And, yes, I hope that anyone who makes the choice to abort their unborn child does it as safely and humanely as possible, and that people who inject themselves with heroin use clean needles, and passing no judgement, I wish them all the best, because the CHOICES we make can cause many tears down the road. Much love & God Bless.


I was adopted, and I am glad that you weren't aborted. I am saying that there are people who want the blessings we don't receive. They are on waiting lists for years.

You haven't crapped your pants since you were little amirite?

LOL.. Trust me, young person, there will come a day, when you get so sick- or that "fart" was more than you expected. I don't wear depends myself but I bought them for my handicapable sister during early recovery from her near fatal car accident.. So I hope uarerite about this for a long time cause in the real world, dedicating your pants as an adult happens to all of us or at least once. ;) Enjoy your youth and God Bless.

All politicians seem to talk about is the middle class - how much they're suffering, how protecting them should be our #1 priority, how they should get the most tax breaks, etc. It would be helpful if they talked about the lower/working class, amirite?

Working class = Middle Income.

There are two types of people in the world: People that say you take up too much space, and people that tell you you are an insignificant speck on the world, amirite?

Even though it feels that way, the only person who ever told me that was me.