Ever notice how many racist jokes there are for just about every ethnicity EXCEPT white? amirite?

There are racist jokes about white people, you must just not have herd them. And anyway, if you watch a show where the cast is predominantly black, the token white person is always either really stupid/really posh/really uncool.

How is porn not considered prostitution? It's people having sex for money, amirite?

Porn stars actually have sex. Hollywood stars pretend to have sex.

Anthony must have wanted to prove to someone he was right, amirite?

How can people be voting "no way!" when Anthony himself agreed and added this post to his favorites?...

On the internet: Keep a tab open with harmless Google results in case mom walks in and asks what you're doing, amirite?

Haha, I'm doing that right now, the safety tab has pictures of kittens.

The first person to have a baby must have been pretty freaked out, amirite?

The concept of birth still freaks me out to be honest. I mean, a human coming out of another human? Stretching a tiny hole to a mammoth size...yeah, it's normal and "life" n'all but it's still fucking freaky.

"TellMeIAmRight" is such a copier of this site, amirite?

It remind me of when supermarkets do their own brand of stuff, like corn flakes, and they call them flakes of corn and put them in a really crappy box.

We've all had that one teacher that is/was our hero and we will never forget them, amirite?

we all have one teacher who was a pedophile as well...or was that just me?

It's appauling that the reason why many black people are more athletic is bacause their ancestors were breeded by slave owners, amirite?

Breeded. Lol.

It's ridiculous that Snooki gets paid $30K per episode. amirite?
@jshadowsyn Why? It's her job to entertain people..which I'm sure she does (I don't watch Jersey Shore). If you got 30,000...

Getting paid to do something you love with minimal work involved is BEYOND ridiculous. Especially when you think there are people working their asses off 24/7 and they get paid a pittance and receive no gratitude.

You cannot make a sensible sentence out of the words "Mountain" "Ceiling" and "Goldfish" amirite?

Life is like a mountain, It can be tall or small, break through the clouds and and exceed unimaginable limits, Still, there's always going to be that invisible ceiling stopping it from going any further, Like the goldfish trapped in it's bowl.

Many people say that a man's wife belongs in the kitchen. A real man would cook for his wife. amirite?

An equal distribution of work would do just fine.

Larger girls can be pretty too, amirite?
@(BEVERLEEISAWESOME:)): I'm sorry your fat and have to hate on skinny people to make up for you lack of will to lose...

Who said she's fat? It's personal preference and taste in body shape and appearance, some of us prefer curves, others prefer skinny - you can't please the whole world with one thing so there's really no point arguing the toss with someone about their opinion.

Black people started wearing their pants down low, white people called this "saggin", spell "saggin" backwards. Those sneaky white people... amirite?

Funny, but this has been posted a lot.

Girls: Some days you just feel so ugly you don't want to be around any guys, amirite?

I don't even want to leave the house when I feel ugly.

You wonder what would happen if you showed someone your true and complete self, without hiding, adding or exaggerating anything... And whether you'd even recognize yourself. amirite?

I don't think I even know my real self and I definitely wouldn't know how to embrace it.