"TellMeIAmRight" is such a copier of this site, amirite?

It remind me of when supermarkets do their own brand of stuff, like corn flakes, and they call them flakes of corn and put them in a really crappy box.

English bad words are so much better than American bad words. I mean the word wanker is just plain awesome. amirite?
If Bush had done half the things Obama has, he would have gotten slammed for it, but certain people still supposrt Obama no matter what, amirite?
@softballchickity271 Lol I hate Obama. I'm sorry to the people who like him, but this is my opinion. He is spending way to much money...

I thought everyone liked him because he was black, from what I saw people are all like "ohh he's a playa'" "He's so awesome"...kinda like they're trying to be all right on and politicaly correct even if they don't know what he's all about; from what you've said though he just seems like another noob politician lol

Horror or Comedy is your favorite movie genre, amirite?
SOME vegetarians need to get off their self righteous, narrow minded, arrogant, pretentious, high horse and accept the fact some of us like meat. amirite?

The above comment just backs up what I said perfectly. It's not murder. The animals live a happy, healthy life until they are killed humanely. They're non the wiser. It's part of life, it's natural, I think you forget we're animals, animals eat other animals and it's not a big deal - it's the circle of life. And by the way, most of us don't personally "murder" the animal. We just buy it and think nothing of it. And just for the record, I love animals more than any human, I do so much charity work and make so many donations to animal charities - not eating meat doesn't help an animal. The meat you're not eating still exists, it's just not being brought.

You have suddenly broken out into dance to a song in public at least once in your life, even if the people around you begged to stop embarrassing them, amirite?

Haha, love it.

I still don't get the obsession with Justin Bieber, amirite?

I think the majority of people don't get the obsession. Apart from the crazy deluded fan girls. Maybe he'd be mediocre if he wasn't so damn overrated.

Curiosity killed the cat, amirite?

Age killed my cat.

I still don't get the obsession with Justin Bieber, amirite?
We can all think of a singer with a voice that simply makes us melt, amirite?
@mimi3244 I swear his voice is like...sex! ;D

Haha, agreed, and the fact he's beyond gorgeous also helps his voice ;p

30H3! are shit talentless white nerd boys who think they're "original" and cool when actually, they exceed the lamest cliche. The one with the long greasy hair is shit enough on his own, moving around like he's having an epileptic fit - the sad thing is they're not a spoof band, they actually have the audacity to take themselves seriously. amirite?
You have to give Twitter credit for taking the effort out of stalking, amirite?

I think Facebook deserves a little stalking kudos as well.

Just when you think you couldn't get enough if stalking on Facebook, there's a new update soon to tell you where the people are. Just WTF?! Pedophiles will be in their element. amirite?

What a sad state of affairs, privacy no longer exists.

Whenever your friend gets a girlfriend/boyfriend, something always changes, amirite?
@That's called third wheel..

It's called the other two people being damn rude and ignorant

Larger girls can be pretty too, amirite?
@There was this girl on a plus sized lingere (I don't know how to spell, don't judge lol) and she was SOO beautiful...

(BEVERLEEISAWESOME:)): crystal Renn? She's GORGEOUS, way prettier than Megan Fox, Cheryl Cole and all the other plain looking skinny girls put together.