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Great post Tiff! I am enjoying this site and our friendship very much! 😊
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Sexy bald women?

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What’s your favorite book/movie of all time and why did it speak to you so much?

The Shawshank Redemption. A redemption story based on the novella by Stephen King. I just loved the story of two long time friends meeting in prison, Andy and Red.

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What song are you listening to?

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Human Beans of Amirite, and formerly of Sodahead, I would like to reacquaintance myself with all of my fellow lovely nutters and thinkers (or both like me) how are you all? Does anyone remember me from sodahead? If not, hello! I am back and looking forward to engaging in some much missed and enjoyed crazy conversations!

Welcome Livi!

Can you easily accept help or are you slightly stubborn?

I'm very stubborn and independent. I sometimes think I'm superman and can do it all when in reality, I can't. One of my quirks I guess.

They are all creepy as hell!

**At any given moment, anyone on Amirite can be going through about 10 personal issues....

No way I can handle 10 different issues. I'm lucky to only have two right now.

ok so new here was wondering how many sodaheads are here ? if any ?

*Balou raises hand.

Post a Song About Food or Drink
I hate going to websites that have clickbait on them. I was just on the Ultimate Classic Rock page and the site is infested with clickbait links.

Thanks for the tip (that's what she said). hug smilie

My kids and grand kids.