People say that marijuana is good for you because it's natural, but they don't realize that just because it's natural doesn't mean it's safe. Wanna know what else is natural? Bears. amirite?
Guys: you don't actually find it attractive when girls have prominent hip bones, and visible ribs, and thigh gaps, and collar bones that poke out etc., amirite?

Guys: you don't actually find it attractive when girls have fat rolls, cellulite, a double chin, and thighs that touch, etc amirite?
Offensive, huh? Well it's also offensive when you tell girls they aren't attractive for being the opposite. Different strokes for different folks.

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It's possible for a girl to have a dress that shows off her curves, but still reminds people that she can read, amirite?

"Does this dress make me look illiterate?"

To err is human. To not know what to err means is American, amirite?

And to make jokes about how dumb Americans are to make up for their own incompetence is European.

It's awkward when you try to rebel against the Fourth of July by wearing Britain's flag's colours instead of America's, amirite?
When you were in elementary school, looking up the word "sex" in the dictionary was like watching porn. amirite?
@Favvkes After I watched Hocus Pocus, I looked up "virgin" in the dictionary and din't get it

If there's anybody that knows what a virgin is, it's the girl that constantly posts pictures of cats in comment sections.

Marijuana should be legal EVERYWHERE. It's been proven to help cancer patients by stimulating their appetite and suppressing nausea, and as a recreational drug, it's less intoxicating than alcohol. Agree or disagree?

Why can't you guys just say that you want to get high? I'm sure you couldn't care less about the medical benefits to others you're just using them as a poster child for your cause.

Click "Yeah You Are!" to vote for Obama, and "No Way!" to vote for Rommey. Let's see who wins this! amirite?

Vote for Bob. Because remember, a vote for Bob is a vote for Bob.

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The girl who ran away with her Math teacher didn't want an A+, she wanted the D, amirite?
after turning in a really hard test, you look around the room until you make eye contact with someone else in the class and you both do that "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT" look. amirite?
@saxybandgeek Well in the world of complete opposite, We took the ASVAB today and one of the sample questions asked what a cat...

haha you're lucky. the physics test that inspired me to write this post was comprised of questions similar to "if you throw a rock off of a wall that is 150 meters high, with an initial velocity of 12m/s, a slight air resistance, and a gravitational acceleration that is different from the accepted one on earth, what color is the wall"

It's annoying how everyone is putting Amanda Todd on such a high pedestal and treating her like some kind of hero. It seems like people don't understand that she is the one that started all of this and could have dealt with it better than the way she did, amirite?

People are literally calling her a hero. It's so disgusting to me. It's true, nobody deserves to be bullied, but that's fucking life isn't it? You'll get bullied. If you don't want to get bullied, then grow the fuck up and get the fuck over it. She showed tits to some sick people, and they ruined her life. But, as some people have said, she wasn't willing to deal with the consequences. Not only that, I'm fairly sure she made it worse by the way she reacted to the bullying. She made a matures decision that she was so obviously not mature enough to deal with. Killing herself was selfish and poorly thought out. She is not 'brave' for what she did. Nor is she a 'hero'. Great fucking post OP. y smilie

If Mitt and his 5 Sons could get knocked up he would be out there handing out birth control, and be pro choice, amirite?

First of all, Mitt Romney isn't against birth control. He's against requiring Churches to provide health insurance for contraception.

And you shouldn't make the stupid conclusion that pro-life are rallying against women's rights. It's a fucking moral or religious issue for them, and they're truthfully thinking "Babies shouldn't be killed," not "Haha, let's fuck women over with this new law." I am, by the way, pro-choice.

It's ridiculous to claim Obama is taking away freedom of religion because he's for birth control and abortion and those things are against your religion. You still have the freedom to not get those things, he's not forcing you to break your religion, amirite?

The existence or legality of birth control and abortion isn't what's being considered an abridgment to religious freedom. They've been around long before this campaign. It's the fact that Obama wants to make it obligatory for religious institutions to pay for abortion-inducing drugs and birth control that's the threat to religious freedom.

As a kid, you were musically gifted on this instrument, amirite?