About me.

My name is Donny. i am from South Dakota.

South Dakota is almost always cold, even when it's 80 degrees out, there's a cold wind...after all, our seasons are: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Road Construction.

i am a self proclaimed band geek and unaccomplished bass player

My best friend is Nicholas his user name is BateristaSexy. Please add him as a friend.

My sister is Mal her username is MM3315

Other users i go to school with: BT3059, drummajor12, JiantShlong, RN3039, Shanda94, MilesXC, Erik_Cluckey_McCluck, SnowfoxSwimmer14, PaoolRicker14, Nanacakes, Jerenet, and WayToBe

Something else that isn't on my little sidebar thing is that I've got POTD 2 times

i also sing in coir and i am also in drama.

Favorite Bands:

1. blink-182
2. Green Day
3. Sum 41
4. Simple Plan
5. Three Days Grace
6. Paramore
7. My Chemical Romance
8. Thousand Foot Krutch
9. All Time Low
10. The Offspring

I also like the Beatles

Other great bands:

A Day To Remember, Angels and Airwaves, AAR, Atreyu, BFMV, RHCP, Rise Against, +44, and these hearts


I also like House and Psych and the Big Bang Theory

Favorite movie: Across the Universe

Not sure why but the Human Centipede Fascinates me...and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I hate almost all kinds of music except jazz, classical, most pop-punk rock, and some alternative rock, and maybe an occasional pop song.
But never country or rap (except Hollywood Undead, but I don't even like them that much)

A lot of people think I'm gay; I'M NOT!

The only sport I like watching is NFL football and hockey, but only if i'm at the hockey game. Basketball is too fast, and is boring...and generally just sucks. College sports have WAY too many teams for me to follow so NFL football is the perfect speed and has only 32 teams!

Despite all that I hate sports.

I am New York Giants fan

I am a proud member of almost every girl's friend zone

I play the alto and tenor saxophone; and bass and electric guitar

I don't creep, just get bored

The only sport I do is marching band

My motto in life is If you don't like me, I don't care because I'm not changing because i offended you.

go onto iTunes and look up the band 3 Hours and download their EP. AMAZING band with one of my good friends. And look up Alex Qualm and download his two songs, he is a great musician.

message me if you want to

INSTAGRAM: @donnysaur009

that's all i have to say about myself