About me.

I love photography.
I rarely use FB.
I hate Twitter...don't get it :\
Pickles are yummy.
I'm a chocoholic.
I'm a tv whore, I love Showtimes series especially.
I hate matching socks.
I despise strawberry flavored things, however strawberries are my favorite fruit.
I almost never match my bra & panties.
I go by the name "Mina" in life both online and IRL but its not my name...and I have three "real" names lol
I feel like a kid again when I use a pencil.
I have a Blackberry, but I'm starting to hate being reached at all times.
People that bite their nails is my BIGGEST pet peeve.
I can't stand when people confuse "you're & your".
Mexican food is my favorite!!
I love accents from all over.
This place makes me giggle :)