Quiz: What’s your Moral Alignment? (Follow the link)

You Got: Neutral Good

You are guided by your conscience, rather than any formal laws or traditions. You may occasionally break the rules, but it’s generally in service of the greater good.

Popular neutral good characters:
Jake the Dog from Adventure Time
Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter
Glenn from The Walking Dead

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Falling sick, being moribund and having no one around to look after me.

My BMI’s ~ 20. I do my exercise and eat my salad. Getting tall can really help you stay healthy. Why do you think they put patients on a stretcher?

I was in the uterus before I was born and I will be buried in the graveyard after I die. Debunked!

Mind=Blown :: Please post some fun facts - (no politics on this one please).

The national animal of Scotland is Unicorn

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Am I the only one who got...

Your chances of becoming a millionaire are...


You are conventional, well-meaning, passably intelligent, and at least you think you try hard. If you're lucky, you'll strike it rich. Your chances are about 50/50.

Maybe because I said that Sociopaths run Soft Drink companies. I don’t have it in me then. sad smilie

My country leads the World....

Canada looks like a great place. One thing I know Canada possesses is an amazing Cultural diversity with people from all over the world. And maple syrup, of course.

(Why don’t the asteroids land in Russia? Conspiracy) hehe smilie

How many languages can you speak?

English and Arabic.

You wish Amirite allowed you to delete some of your posts.

Asking the management for something makes me feel like the posts were a crime.

You’re not always honest. Amirite?

I’m the exact opposite. People mistake my forgetfulness for my dishonesty. hehe smilie

My country leads the World....

Expect this one to be clearer:

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My country leads the World....
@ZonkeyBalls Can't read it. What the fuck is Finland leading us to now? Another Armageddon?!!

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If I’ve encircled the correct country, I think it says, Drinking Coffee.

I’m coming to Finland!

My country leads the World....
@Thinkerbell There was a big asteroid/comet impact in Siberia about 110 years...

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Doesn’t it sound suspicious how so many impacts have been recorded in North America,Parts of Europe and Australia. Asia probably has the most meteorite impacts, since its surface area is far larger than any other continent but the map above marks the known impacts. North America wins, simply because it has the most meteorite hunters.

If you are going to argue against the validity of jihad, you must also be willing to argue that all faith-based actions are invalid. Actions based on instructions received from unseen forces, and 'knowledge' attained from mystic sources without proof, are all equally questionable or valid.

Whatever organism beheaded 10,000 people is not even worth being called human. All of them should be beheaded in public for doing it in the comfort of their territories.

Also, I’d like to get the source to that Scorecard. I’d also love for you to explain why no one points out the religion of the people who are responsible for the deaths of more than 500,000 Syrians, to focus on the month of May: 44 Syrians, 58 people in Gaza and the innocent children who were killed in Santa Fe.

‘In the name of islam’ does not mean sponsored by all muslims. It is sick that they’re killing people in the name of anything.

My country leads the World....

Is that ‘‘Getting killed by lawn mowers??’’. maniac smilie

(Sorry about the quality.I tried to obtain an HD Image)