About me.

Name: Lux Pierce
Location: Where ever life takes me
Place of Birth: Illinois, United States

Hobbies: Playing basketball (it is basically my life), Singing (I was Rapunzel), Graffiti (i keep it on paper), Writing poems, listening to music, Reading (it is not old fashion)

Likes: Basketball (Go Bulls!!!!)
Spicy Food (hot sauce goes on everything)
Chocolate (how can you not)
Music (one of the best ways to express yourself)
Mythology (mainly Greek and Egyptian)
Animals (thinking about being a zoologist)
History (best subject ever)

Dislikes: Bugs (except for rolly-pollies)
Senseless killings (what is wrong with the world)
People swearing (whats the point?)
People taking pictures of me (i prefer taking the picture)
Math and Science (yuck)