Which animal has the best reason never to trust humans?

Chickens. Just about everyone likes chickens. By "like" I mean we like to EAT chickens.

Test your knowledge of the Bible and take the quiz, good luck!
@Ada 76% a bit useless I know. 乂ᵒ◡ᵒ乂

You're a genius compared to me. I didn't do the test but I got a 0% score before I got to see any of the questions. WTF?

Which historical figure would have had the most interesting Twitter account?

Great question - maybe Mark Twain?

Every fool has a silver lining eyes smilie

When did you wish you had some? amirite?

We have two kids under four so
All the time

The Current Administration is, without a doubt, the Most Corrupt in US History. amirite?

How much do you know about all the administrations? Enough to come to a definitive conclusion? (I didn't think so).

men are so starved of attention that a single compliment will get them interested in a girl, amirite?
Climb a rope with your legs next time not your arms, amirite?
@Azlotto I'm just guessing, but I think that would be impossible.

YouTube video thumbnail

This was the way we were taught in high school gym class.

Climb a rope with your legs next time not your arms, amirite?

I always do. Always did, rather.

What's an exercise you have not done since P.E.(gym) class?
Climb a rope with your legs next time not your arms, amirite?
@Azlotto Thanks for the video, but I was assuming the climbing done without using arms at all.

The question was misleading, true, but I knew what (s)he meant. At least I think I do.


Hardly (no pun intended)

Have you ever heard a woman scream "EEK" or a dog bark "bow wow"?
@Lil_Princess Anyone 100 feet of me has

I understand your eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! sounds like a scared mouse on helium hehe smilie

Have you ever been pulled over for speeding?

Twice. One was legit and the other was impossible: the car wouldn't go that fast as the ticket said I did.

I knew I was getting old when I could no longer bite my toenails due to inflexibility. What can you no longer do?

I can no longer do 45 pushups in 30 seconds.