Obama is mixed, Why is he considered black? amirite?

because we chose him in the racial draft

"soccer is the worlds most popular sport." America has definately not catched on, amirite?
You hate it when you ask for sons and they send you daughters instead, amirite?

and now i have to listen to this song because it's extremely epic

so let me get this straight US government. I can legally buy a tank, have a lion, tiger, and bear as pets, and own a laser rifle, but I cannot own marijuana. sure, that makes total sense, amirite?
You get offended when yor husband thinks it's the styrofoam anniversary, when it's really the false anger anniversary, amirite?

lol I love this show

It kind of pissed you off as a kid when you used what you thought to be a black crayon and it was actually a dark blue or green, amirite?

what do you mean "as a kid"? I still use crayons for school projects

If you don't think before you act, you're probably Kristen Stewart, amirite?

if all your characters are EXACTLY THE SAME you're probably Michael Cera

Nutella tastes the best when its just on a spoon, amirite?


It would be amazing to have your own secret vault that no one knew about, that you could access anywhere and at any time, and that could hold anything for as long as need be, amirite?

like the green lantern

when you wake up in your underwear next to a dolphin you know you had an awesome night, amirite?
when you wake up in your underwear next to a dolphin you know you had an awesome night, amirite?
@When you wake up in your underwear next to a dolphin, you are: 1) dreaming. 2) dead. 3) next to a dead...

5) you woke up stoned out of your mind
6) your friend is dressed up for no reason
7) your friend is dressed up for a sexual reason
8) you've either gained the ability to breath under water or the dolphin can breath on land

Facebook Group: "If you don't treat her right, someone else will." Sadly, that is completely not true. amirite?

people probably don't treat her right because she's a bitch and or prostitute

It's pretty weird/funny when you see a girl with almost no boobs wearing a really lowcut top and no bra, thinking she looks hot, amirite?

they probably aren't wearing the bra because they don't really need it

Girls: Pads - you sit in your own bodily fluid. Tampons - your bodily fluid sits in you. You just can't win when it comes to periods, amirite?

yeah I guess you can't win except for every argument you have with a guy

Why do people say they feel like Ninjas when they drop something and catch it before it hits the ground? A real Ninja wouldn't have dropped it in the first place, amirite?

it's what i always say when someone says the whole "ninjas don't drop things" statement