It should be illegal to have a car thats the same model and color as the local police, amirite?

I'm pretty sure it is where live

Girls: you like 'em with no hair down there, amirite?

actually, for me, the more hair a guy has on his body, the better. I find it so masculine an sexy!! definitely one of my biggest turn ons!

Girls:You'd rather not kiss a guy with a mustache or beard or any form of facial hair near the mouth, amirite?

hair anywhere on a guy is my biggest turn on.

It's funny when you see kids starving on the street and you just sit in front of them with your new designer shoes and just eat a whole bag of Doritos. Even more fun when you are in Los Angeles and you can make jokes about earthquakes when its just their empty stomachs rumbling. amirite?

this is beyond rude and pathetic.

It's weird if the boyfriend has longer/more hair than the girlfriend, amirite?

my boyfriend has a buzz cut, and about a month ago I shaved my head for cancer. now we are seeing whose hair grows faster =)

Just dance is better than dance rance revaloution amirite?

and revolution..

There should be a movie rating between PG-13 and R, amirite?
It sucks when someone you think is your friend, spreads a nasty rumor about you, then half of your school thinks less of you. amirite?

this happened to me yesterday =(

You hate is when people tell you to drink lots of fluids. Seriously, what else would you drink? Solids? Ionized gases? amirite?

I have never felt like this, but I think it just became my new pet peeve =/

you have at least one piercing other than your ears, amirite?

holy shaaaat!!!

you are a bisexual girl, and want to meet other bisexual girls, just so you dont feel so alone, amirite?

except you're the man version? haha