All mothers must be Huffelpuffs, because they're particularly good finders. amirite?

I would have voted yes, but you spelled Hufflepuff wrong.

It doesn't make sense when people say "I'm sort of a Christian." You're either a Christian or you're not, amirite?

I believe in God. I believe Jesus was the Son of God. However, I do not believe that gays are going to Hell or that women have absolutely no right to have an abortion. I believe in the basic principle of Christianity which is "love thy neighbor." A lot of the people at my church don't follow that because they hate gays or other groups. We all believe in God, but we have such different beliefs. Am I a Christian and they aren't? Or are they Christians and I'm not?

We've all realized that this healthcare reform is just another way to make us a communist country. amirite?
Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell, the name will carry. amirite?

My name is Becca, and my dad told me that's why he named me that, but I hate it because then every time someone says my name they like, blend it into the next word in the sentence. It sucks. Haha.

Pokemon is for girls too, amirite?

Pokemon is for everyone.

It's not fair that I pay hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket then have to pay extra to use their internet, amirite?

Remember those days when there was no internet anywhere? People went more than a plane ride's time without it. I think you can last for 2 hours without it.

The term 'pro-life' is ridiculous because there isn't really anyone who's 'anti-life', amirite?

But if the 14-year-old is too small to have the baby, and would die in childbirth, then two lives would be lost instead of just the one that would be in an abortion. I'm not saying that having abortions are good, I'm just saying that sometimes that's just the way of life.

Despite what the posts and comments on this website might lead you to believe, most Canadians and Americans actually get along and even like each other, amirite?

Justin Morneau is Canadian.

Everyone is at least a little bit racist, some people are funny about it and some people are mean about it, amirite?

That's exactly what I meant.

If a high school requires gym class three of the four years, in a way the school's saying that, when it gets down to it, gym isn't really necessary. it'd be better to either require P.E. all four years, or not require it at all. amirite?

Gym class makes kids resent exercise because they are forced to do activities that they don't enjoy in a manner that is purely educational, not "fun". If gym class HAS to be required, it should be much less structured.

Joe Walker was SO much better as Voldemort than as Quirrel, amirite?

Joe Walker isn't Quirrell...

Harry Potter is like Jesus. He died for you, amirite?
@rawrrO_o he tried lol

Yes, but he meant to. (and that's supposed to sound like how he said it in AVPM)

It doesn't make sense when people say "I'm sort of a Christian." You're either a Christian or you're not, amirite?
@when you love God, you love the things He does, and you want to please Him. why would you go kill someone? it is...

Some people think that's the right thing to do. I'm not condoning it. I'm just saying that some people believe that it's God's Will for some person to be dead, so they kill that person. One of the Ten Commandments is also "keep holy the sabbath day." How many times have you worked on your sabbath? You're not doing God's Will, so clearly you don't love Him.

According to the UN, 70 percent of the world's 1.3 billion poor people are women, two-thirds of the 130 million children worldwide who are not in school are girls, and over 50 percent of women earn 25 percent less than males for the same work. So please don’t tell me that feminism is stupid, selfish, and unnecessary because women have equal rights. amirite?

Did you look at the demographics when finding these statistics? If you had, you would have noticed that the majority of the women who are affected by this are in areas of the world where that is the custom. That is all they have known, and that is what they are taught is the way of doing it. You have to remember that some scrawny teenager from America is not going to change the minds of different cultures.

You're acting like Garfield on a Monday, amirite?

"Every time I look at her I just have these pains in my chest and I just know it's her fault, that bitch!"