The two things that disappear the most--socks and hair ties, amirite?

and bobby pins

This site is turning into an opinionated menstrual hut. Seriously, can I just visit the homepage and not have to hear about any vaginal bleeding? amirite?
@becs I would have clicked 'yeah you are' if you would have used the right kind of 'hear'.

and by the way, this is another post on the homepage about vaginal bleeding.

The term 'pro-life' is ridiculous because there isn't really anyone who's 'anti-life', amirite?

But if the 14-year-old is too small to have the baby, and would die in childbirth, then two lives would be lost instead of just the one that would be in an abortion. I'm not saying that having abortions are good, I'm just saying that sometimes that's just the way of life.

All mothers must be Huffelpuffs, because they're particularly good finders. amirite?

I would have voted yes, but you spelled Hufflepuff wrong.

Why do people HATE old bands? The old bands (Beatles, Who, Stones) all influenced today's singers, amirite?

Better question: Why do people hate jazz? Jazz influenced pretty much everything since the 20's.

You're acting like Garfield on a Monday, amirite?

"Every time I look at her I just have these pains in my chest and I just know it's her fault, that bitch!"

Tupac isn't dead. He's just in South America with Hitler and Michael Jackson.

Ninjas are never accurately portrayed in the media. Yes that's right, Ninjas did not in fact wear black, carry various pointed objects with them and teleport from place to place. amirite?

How would you know if ninjas actually don't look like that? You can't see them! Otherwise they're obviously not a ninja.

The chemical formula for holy water should be H2OMG, amirite?

The chemical symbol for Magnesium is Mg, not MG.

Pokemon is for girls too, amirite?

Pokemon is for everyone.

If a high school requires gym class three of the four years, in a way the school's saying that, when it gets down to it, gym isn't really necessary. it'd be better to either require P.E. all four years, or not require it at all. amirite?

Gym class makes kids resent exercise because they are forced to do activities that they don't enjoy in a manner that is purely educational, not "fun". If gym class HAS to be required, it should be much less structured.

The most underrated book of the Harry Potter series was the 3rd one (The Prisoner of Azkaban), amirite?

People underestimate the book because the third movie sucked so much. In fact, it's one of the best in the series (in my opinion, and most of the people I know agree.) People just judge it based on the horrible movie.

You don't know anyone who smokes weed that is a truly motivated person, amirite?

I know someone who smokes weed who's going into neuroscience and psychology.
I know another that's going to be an amazing professional musician.
I know another that's a really good teacher AND was in the navy.
Over half the people in my jazz band smoke weed and we go to national competitions almost every year and do WELL.
Don't tell me people that smoke weed aren't motivated.

You love kittens, so fluffy and cute... But then they turn into cats. amirite?

I love kittens even when they grow into cats. ♥

It's not fair that I pay hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket then have to pay extra to use their internet, amirite?

Remember those days when there was no internet anywhere? People went more than a plane ride's time without it. I think you can last for 2 hours without it.