A snail is just... like, a Slug wearing a Turban, amirite?
@What's with the random capitalization?

That, and the random ellipses and comma. I'm confused.

Fellow Brits: You were genuinely shocked to find out that Americans don't have vinegar....amirite?
@Skyl3r ...What's HP sauce?

I'm in Michigan, in the U.S. and I've never seen HP sauce anywhere but in the UK.

@340630 (Skyl3r): The HP in HP sauce stands for Houses of Parliament, which are pictured on the bottles. I like to eat it with french fries/chips.

Fellow Brits: You were genuinely shocked to find out that Americans don't have vinegar....amirite?
@moolliiee You Dont Have HP Sauce?

No :(

Not that I've seen anywhere, maybe you could find it at some specialty store if you looked really hard, but I had never heard of it/encountered it before I went to England.

Fellow Brits: You were genuinely shocked to find out that Americans don't have vinegar....amirite?

I think we have malt vinegar here, but it's really not all that popular like it is over there. I think most Americans will think of a different kind of vinegar if you just talk about "vinegar" though, distilled vinegar I think.

And wow, vinegar looks like a really weird word now that I've typed it a bunch of times.

I wish we had HP sauce over here though, that'd be nice.

Wendy's should get thicker straws so they don't collapse when you drink your Frosty, amirite?
@asdijojioiojioxj But you eat a frosty with a spoon?

The day I wrote this, I got one while I was driving home from work, so while in the car, it's pretty hard to eat it with a spoon. And the lids they put on them do have the little x cut in the top which is meant for a straw, so I don't think it's completely wrong to want to use a straw for it..

In other situations, I would use a spoon, but it just wasn't an option that time.

Hot chocolate is 100% better with marshmellows. Amirite?

I like it with marshmallows too.

If you're an only child, chances are you won't be an uncle/auntie, amirite?
@andylovesmcfc Yes, but you aren't a blood relative.

Since when do you have to be a blood relative to be aunt/uncle or niece/nephew? I consider people in my family to be my aunt or uncle equally whether they are directly related to me or through marriage.

Thongs are no better than butt floss, amirite?
@They make regular underwear that prevents panty lines also; way to make excuses for the premotion of promiscuity.


and I don't think a certain style of underwear can make someone promiscuous. Some people will be that way no matter what they wear, and others might just find thongs comfortable.

when you were a kid and your nintendo game was not working you always took out the cartridge and blew in it and it magically worked again, amirite?

What do you mean "when you were a kid"? Haha, when my NES acts up, I still do that to fix it.

My whipped iced dairy drink brings the attentions of many males to my place of residence and/or employment, and they declare that its quality far surpasses that of yours. Absolutely, it far surpasses yours. I could convey you to the proverbial recipe, but I would have to demand compensation, amirite?

This sounded familiar to me too. Not the exact wording, but I'm pretty sure something similar has been posted.


That one is a similar idea, there may be more too.

Every time you go bowling and the ball inevitably curves toward the gutter, you practice your Jedi mind skills, amirite?
People probably wouldn't play solitaire if it wasn't on computers, amirite?

I like playing with real cards, because then you can cheat. Haha.

Maine is the only state name with one syllable, amirite?

Oh my, these comments... the future is going to be a scary place, isn't it?

People really need to quit using < or > in their posts because most people dont know which means greater and which means less. For example spiderman > batman... WTF!? amirite?

Education system fail. This post is kind of scary..

At least most of the people that commented seem to know what's up.

Journey should have looked at a map, because South Detroit is pretty much Canada, amirite?
@iWearAmask What does that matter?

I guess if you want to sing about a place that doesn't exist it doesn't matter. I find it somewhat distracting though.