The only way to get more nachos is to buy more nachos, or steal them, amirite?

But if you steal them, they're "not yo" nachos..

ouch... sorry.

People really need to quit using < or > in their posts because most people dont know which means greater and which means less. For example spiderman > batman... WTF!? amirite?

Education system fail. This post is kind of scary..

At least most of the people that commented seem to know what's up.

Why did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons, amirite?

Who said they did?

when you were a kid and your nintendo game was not working you always took out the cartridge and blew in it and it magically worked again, amirite?

What do you mean "when you were a kid"? Haha, when my NES acts up, I still do that to fix it.

If you're an only child, chances are you won't be an uncle/auntie, amirite?
@andylovesmcfc Yes, but you aren't a blood relative.

Since when do you have to be a blood relative to be aunt/uncle or niece/nephew? I consider people in my family to be my aunt or uncle equally whether they are directly related to me or through marriage.

It's understandable that airport guards can't only search only arab people, but that doesn't make it ok for them to make me miss my flight because they decide to wand my 89 year old grandma just to prove they aren't stereotypical, amirite?

This sounds racist. Everyone is capable of being a security threat, not just one group of people. They do random checks, which means random. Not all of the Middle Eastern looking folks plus a few others to make it look like they aren't focusing on one group. If you missed a flight due to the time it took to wand someone, you should have planned ahead better. Everyone who flies should be well aware that you're supposed to get there early so you have enough time to go through all of the security.

Maine is the only state name with one syllable, amirite?

Oh my, these comments... the future is going to be a scary place, isn't it?

Hot chocolate is 100% better with marshmellows. Amirite?

I like it with marshmallows too.

Every time you go bowling and the ball inevitably curves toward the gutter, you practice your Jedi mind skills, amirite?
You know those people that say "Give me _," or "I want ____" when ordering food?
I want to kill them, amirite?

This makes me nervous about eating out, because I can't remember what I say... I don't mean to say anything rude. :o

I think I say "Can I get ___?" and then if they say yes, then I say thanks. If they say no, I say (in my head) "oh shit oh shit, pick something else, quick!"

I hope this is acceptable..

When you think about the lack of clothes some Disney princesses have, it really makes you wonder how much of a pervert Walt Disney was, amirite?

Because Walt Disney was even alive when they made Aladdin or The Little Mermaid?.. I thought he died in 1966 or something.

This is a site to be yourself and say what you want, how you want. pointing out grammar flaws is a waste of time, amirite?

Maybe what some people want to say is the difference between "your" and "you're", and who they are is just a grammar nazi.

Not allowing gay marriage for religious reasons is invalid- we do not live in a theocracy. Amirite?
@true but america was founded on christianity and thats what made us such a great country. moving away from that is...

I thought America was founded on rights and freedoms like freedom of religion?

I think marriage is an issue for people, because in some religions, marriage is a religious rite. Like in my church, it's a sacrament, just like baptism and confirmation.

So some people see marriage as something religious, while others see it as a legal thing with the government. That's why the whole marriage thing is confusing, in my opinion. Because it's two different definitions of things that are rolled together into one.

It's exciting to get a cracker that's really two crackers stuck together. They're like conjoined twin crackers, and that makes them cooler than normal ones and more fun to eat, amirite?

I fear this wording makes it sound like I approve of eating conjoined twins. I'd just like to come out before someone accuses me of this and say that this is not accurate.


today I was riding around on a wheelchair, just for fun... and this black girl said, "That's tight! Can you rode me around on it?" I'm not racist, but some black people really need to learn how to talk. amirite?

This is an example of a different dialect. African American Vernacular English (Ebonics) is a different way for people to express themselves. Many people grow up in households that speak it, around neighbors that use it, etc. And dialects like this are just as complicated as Standard American English (what many see as "proper English"), with its own rules and grammar. These people aren't being lazy, they're just more familiar with a different dialect than what you are used to.

Saying one dialect is "more correct" than another is as ignorant as saying one language is better than another, like French is a more correct language than Russian. They're just different, but are all just ways of communicating and expressing yourself. Just because you don't understand it or speak it doesn't mean it's wrong.