You thought paranormal activity was crap, while others thought it was 'scary'. Amirite?

I for one, was terrified.

Every time a character in a movie/show throws a party while their parents are out of town, their parents call to say that they're coming home early and the character has to kick everyone out and rush to get the house clean before their parents get home, amirite?

Counter-example: 16 candles

you find it gross when girls share bathing suits, especially bottoms, amirite?

Swim team: it's a free for all

It's too bad that more people can't openly admit that knit or crochet for fear of being criticized, made fun of or being labeled, amirite?


anyone who has something to say can meet me in the alley behind Walmart at 9. Bring weapons.

The phrase 'get-together' was invented by kids not wanting to tell their parents they want to throw a party, amirite?

"It's not a party it's an intimate get-together."

The question is not whether the chicken or the egg came first... its how the hell the chickens wings became known as buffalo wings, amirite?

Buffalo sauceee

You know an asian guy named Kevin, amirite?

KevJumbaaa! I like it. (in his dad's voice)

The Human Centipede, one of those movies where you think, "WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT THIS UP?!?!", amirite?

Feed her!

It sucks that an actor can kill an entire movie for you, amirite?

Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman.

You just started breathing manually, amirite?

You just tried to stop breathing manually and get on with your life. amirite?

That sound of metal scraping metal makes you cringe, amirite?

And makes my teeth hurt toooo on account of a certain traumatic experience involving a spoon and a goon.

You really want one of those Ashton Kutcher cameras because he looks really sleek when he's using it, amirite?

celebrity endorsement at work.

It's annoying when people get one zit and complain about it to someone that has to deal with horrid acne all the time. amirite?

It's more noticable when your whole face is clear except for one blemish than when you have a lot and you just add one to the family.

Sports would be a lot more interesting and a lot more extreme if they were to the death, amirite?

"What is with you lately? Everything is 'to the death.'"
"Not everything."
"Two nights ago, we went out for pizza, and you said, 'Pizza to the death.' I mean, what does that even mean? And remember, 'Movies to the death?' What's going on, man? "

American Dad quotes to the death anyone?