Girls: no matter how much you straighten it, theres always that one section of hair on your head that won't stay straight, amirite?

It's the hipster section of your hair that won't do what the rest are doing.

The Human Centipede, one of those movies where you think, "WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT THIS UP?!?!", amirite?

Feed her!

According to Democrats, I, a wealthy person, have to give away all my money to some fat ass who is too lazy to get off his fat fucking ass and find a job so he will be rich. What a stupid political belief, amirite?

You know there is a such thing as the working middle class.

Nobody likes whorish olive oil, amirite?

I do. It whorish olive oil gets along with your food well. Really well.
If you catch my drift ;)

I wonder how there are so many women on this site. Where do they find the time to learn how to type with oven mitts on? amirite?

oh, you're funny.

You know why you have a birthday? Because your parents like having sex, amirite?

I feel like this ties in with the post below yours.

It's too bad that more people can't openly admit that knit or crochet for fear of being criticized, made fun of or being labeled, amirite?


anyone who has something to say can meet me in the alley behind Walmart at 9. Bring weapons.

The question is not whether the chicken or the egg came first... its how the hell the chickens wings became known as buffalo wings, amirite?

Buffalo sauceee

That sound of metal scraping metal makes you cringe, amirite?

And makes my teeth hurt toooo on account of a certain traumatic experience involving a spoon and a goon.

It's awesome haveing a cell phone with internet during class, amirite?

Especially during math classs.

The bible approved of slavery and so should the rest of the world, amirite?
The bible approved of slavery and so should the rest of the world, amirite?

Nope, just cause this will surely instigate a debate.

Sports would be a lot more interesting and a lot more extreme if they were to the death, amirite?

"What is with you lately? Everything is 'to the death.'"
"Not everything."
"Two nights ago, we went out for pizza, and you said, 'Pizza to the death.' I mean, what does that even mean? And remember, 'Movies to the death?' What's going on, man? "

American Dad quotes to the death anyone?

The bible approved of slavery and so should the rest of the world, amirite?

K, now just pretend you're black for a minute and read that post.

Procrastinators unite at the mall every Christmas Eve, amirite?

This is me RSVP-ing.