Five months.......
My orthodontist kept mine on for four fucking years after he told me I could get mine off.

If you had to pick between being super gorgeous or having a super gorgeous boyfriend/girlfriend, you'd choose the first; amirite?

I'd choose the hot girlfriend because if you're ugly and have a hot gf, people will either think you're rich or you have a massive penis. And I'm not rich hello smilie

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There are two kinds of people in this world. Those of us who've found at least one cartoon character attractive, and liars. amirite?

Er...I may have found Danny Phantom attractive wary smilie

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Raven Symone came out as a lesbian. I guess she couldn't put the boys in motion, amirite?

That's so Raven.

You were pissed after reading The Hunger Games Mockingjay at the end when Katniss ended up with Haymitch, and Peeta and Gale went gay and ended up together, amirite?

Just want to point out you are one right angle away from a swastika

If life is "like a box of chocolates", then where's the little diagram to show where the good stuff is? amirite?
There may be no "I" in "team", but there's also no "us" or "we." It seems like coaches should spend less time figuring out which one syllable words aren't in "team" and more time thinking up better motivational speeches, amirite?
Trolling on Omegle isn't as fun when you're alone, amirite?

It's not as fun, but it's still fun. I like to be a 49 year-old man from Alabama. He's an objectophile who married a bridge named Sheila who wants a threesome to spice up their sex life. Sheila's a stone-cold bitch.

In 2006, astronomers sought to better define the heavenly bodies in our universe and unfortunately, Pluto lacked some of the characteristics to be in the same class as Mercury, Earth, or the rest of the eight. Though many of us think of this as a stupid decision, we have to realize that demoting Pluto wasn't their intention: they didn't planet that way, it just happened, amirite?

I managed to grow up, go to college, get a job, get married and raise two children in the time it took this post to get to the punchline.

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There's always that one group of hipster hairs on your head that just don't want to do what the rest of your hair is doing. amirite?

Until the man brings them down. And by the man, I mean hairspray.

James Potter didn't deserve Lily. He's kind of a douche. Amirite?
@fonziekj52 Yeah, Snape loved her more :(

He still went with the Death Eaters. That's like him joining the Hitler Youth when his love interest was Jewish.

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The difference between having sex and making love is the fluidity of movement. Having sex is an ungraceful act while making love is an effortlessly smooth dance, amirite?
@Well I wouldn't know

Would you like to know. ;)

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At least once, you have stolen a girl's phone, and put in your number for her boyfriend's entry, and then sexted said girl pretending to be her boyfriend until she finds about it days later, amirite?

You're all terrible people

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