About me.

Im 19, live in Canada, and happy living here. Im 6'4 but i wish i was a little shorter so i wouldnt have to duck whenever im walking down stairs.
Im good at all sports and enjoy playing all of them. I used to play on the same team as Zack Kassian(Buffalo Sabres draft pick) I can play the guitar(kinda) and also the recorder........
I'm in college and hoping one day to become a police officier or something in corrections.
I was raised Catholic, going to both a catholic grade and high school but realized that it wasnt worth having an argument with someone over their religion since i was questioning my own, so now im agnostic.
I'm a very laid back kind of guy who is never really in a rush, but at the same time im the guy that you call whenever somethings going down or something needs to get done.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask