If you are 17 and your partner just turned 18 it shouldnt be illegal. amirite?
@greatrande Yep :C

its not illegal aslong as your within 2 years of the person and the person is over the age of 14. once you turn 18 you can do whatever you want to anyone over the age of 18.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Horses that lose are made into glue, amirite?

roses are sweet, violets are fine, you be the six, and ill be the nine<-- heard that one on mtv live today and found it pretty funny

Go to the comments section of this post, right click and paste. Show us the last thing you copied. This will be fun, amirite?

YouTube video thumbnailno idea what this link is...

Matter is eternal, and it exists today in a temporal world. Something that exists outside of time (definition of eternal) cannot live inside time, because then it'd have to have a beginning, and eventually an end, yet matter has not a beginning, as it is eternal: That would violate the philosophical Law of Identity, with a and ONLY a equaling a. Either the world is spiritual, or it shouldn't exist, amirite?

how much weed did you smoke before coming up with such a "philosophical" question. if your looking for a real answer go talk to some scientists, if you wanted to look like a giant doucher, you've succeeded

when a guys take long showers, its because they're jacking off. amirite?

nono you still pay for water in canada, its in with your utilities bill im pretty sure

When getting all A's... my parents do not proceed to buy me a mustang or get me the latest branded fashion. Instead a pat on the back and a "good job kiddo", amirite?

haha you guys shoulda done what i did, start off doing shit the first couple years then when you actually need the grades for something good actually start trying, went from keeping my average around a 60 to getting honour role when i needed the grades to get into college

If you get morning sex, nothing can ruin your day, amirite?

afternoon flare up of herpes usually dampens my mood

It's cool that a blister is filled with clear plasma that helps new cells divide and grow into new connective tissues. Don't pop it! Amirite?
@Splash lol I currently have a huge blister and I want to pop it sooooo bad. but i know i really shouldnt =/

haha as of right now i have 4 seperate blisters on my hands from me weedwacking 55 hours a week, i had 3 other ones last week but they all subsided, so whatever you do dont pop it, or atleast thats what my mum told me and shes works at a hospital....

Waking up at 6:00 a.m. on a school day sucks. Waking up at 6:00 on a free day is way better, amirite?
@Meagan My bus comes at 5:30.

rofl wtf what time time does your school start/how far away do you live from it....

Waking up at 6:00 a.m. on a school day sucks. Waking up at 6:00 on a free day is way better, amirite?
@Meagan I would love to wake up at 6 on a school day. I would be sleeping in an hour and a half later.

why are you even waking up at 4:30. i wake up a hour and a half before i have to start work and i still have plenty of time before i have to leave

The grading system in physical education should be based on effort, not athletic ability, amirite?

good comeback bro, why dont you try using your "Yale" education to think of something better to say, or maybe use all of that oil money that you got there and hire someone to do it for you, since you dont have to work, why should you try to worry yourself with someone over the internet.....
your probabbly the second worst troll ive seen on this site, so congratulations, your not even the best at being the worst....

The grading system in physical education should be based on effort, not athletic ability, amirite?

nothing better then tooting your own horn over the internet because god knows your "3 wives" wont do it for you.
And if your rich from oil, then i must be the fucking head astronaught at NASA.
Please gtfo and never come back

How scary a movie is depends on how you watch it. If you watch it with your friends with the lights on it's not that scary but if you watch it by yourself in a pitch black room it's terrifying, amirite?

i was watching the newest nightmare on elm street last nigth at my friends house with him and his sister, and every time something scary was about to happen his sister would jerk her hand and push my leg and make some noise because she knows i dont like scary movies, idk about you but my its usually scarier with my friends because they just fuck with me the whole time.

You hate it when you try to explain something to someone, but they won't listen to anything you say and call you stupid, amirite?

cough bill o'reilly cough

There were 2 cows in a field. One cow says ''Moo." The other cow replies, ''Shut the fuck up you uneducated twat'', amirite?

i literally loled