i shouldnt ask my best friends sibling to prom because i dont want to ruin my friendship with either of them. amirite?
@Pot_head totally go for it.

thanks Olivia_Marie im still up in the air as to whether or not i should, im gunna see if they like me first tho before i go for it:)

i shouldnt ask my best friends sibling to prom because i dont want to ruin my friendship with either of them. amirite?
@Pot_head haha alrightt. i like my bff's brother, and he flirts with me a lotttt. :) my best friend doesn't seem to mindd...

yeh pretty much the same thing hear, everytime i go over to my friends house his sister is always super nice to me and flirts and she bakes me cookies and stuff but i think my friend would probably disprove and ive known them both for 12 years and been friends with both of them for 10. idk just dont want it to be akward between us if she says no or yes

You say Pikachu instead of your actual favorite Pokemon because you don't wanna seem like a nerd, amirite?
todays my birthday...life's good:)amirite?

no kidding, my birthday was today too

Those people who protest soldiers funerals really piss you off by saying that they're going to hell because the army allows gays, even if the person who died was not gay. Like really people, show some respect for a fallen hero, amirite?
@Batman People do that?? Who does something like that??

`yah i cant remember where they're from but they were a baptist church group somewhere. they recently got sued but ended up winning the case after the fourth appeal because of the first ammendment. the guy who sued them was ordered to pay their court costs(over $17000 i believe) but luckily enough charities have started up to help him pay and i think it was larry king who said that he would cover full costs for it. The money that the group is awarded they said they were gunna use it to stage more protests, which is complete bullshit in my opinion

Maidstone is a dump, amirite?

maidstone as in the town in southern ontario?

i shouldnt ask my best friends sibling to prom because i dont want to ruin my friendship with either of them. amirite?
@Ah I'm struggling with that now :( I've started having feelings for my best friend's older brother..it sucks.

yeh ive had feelings for this person for around 3 years or so now and have been friends with her and my best friend for around 10 years now. it does really suck and i hope it all works out for you:)

You always want to open the emergency exit door just to see if the alarm WILL sound, amirite?

lol alot of the time the alarm wont actually sound, ive walked through a couple and nothing has happened to me yet, the only time i ever actually heard one make a sound was when we were kids and oped up the one on the school bus XD

Superhero movies are pathetic these days because studios are rushing to throw plotless films on the market to prevent the charecters from reverting back to disney, amirite?

i would like to say that the new iron man 2 movie was soooooooo good. its definetly the best movie ive seen in a couple years(besides taken and shutter island) and i would probbably go and watch it again:)

Your mother knocking on your door is the ultimate boner softener, amirite?

i think a swift kick in the nuts might get rid of the boney slightly faster

Everyone but Yankees fans HATE the Yankees, amirite?

lol same thing with the red wings in the NHL or the lakers in the NBA they just hate cuz there the best at what they do.

"I reject your reality, and substitute my own", amirite?
@watchingtheclouds I love this post, but in the future, you might want to mention who said the quote you just quoted; otherwise, don't...

haha yah i probbably should have but i didnt know how well people would have taken it, thanks for the tip for the future though:)

One of the worst ways to die would be by drowning, amirite?

i think id rather just die of carbon monoxide poisoning in my sleep, seems the most painless way to die because if i was drowning i would deffinetly start to struggle and flail..... but i think the worst way to die would be from burning alive

It's difficult to describe the color purple without using the word purple, amirite?

i think what the person meant was its hard to describe the colour purple to someone who is blind, so saying blue and red to them wouldnt help them. we had that question for english class one day and thats atleast how they posed the question to us

Anyone who can sing all of "One week" by the Bare naked ladies is a god, amirite?

try hard not to smile though i feel bad:) haha love that song