If life gets found on another planet that is near to us, it will probably just be a bunch of cells and take billions of years to evolve into something more complex than humans. amirite?
things don't taste how they smell, we've just related the two senses in our mind. amirite?

Smell and taste are very much linked physiologically. Most complex flavors require a sense of smell to taste. You can taste sugar with no sense of smell but not raspberries for instance.

Good for hiding face scars, acne and panda eyes

If your have your head up your own arse, your world will be dark, painful, and full of crap. amirite?

This one will go over most people's head

It's crazy how we went from the sheer optimism of the 90s to the chaotic depression of 20s, amirite?

The 90's were the best decade of my life so far.

Most people wanting stricter gun laws, don't even know most of the gun laws, even in their own city/state. amirite?

I would say most people wanting stricter gun laws at this point don't understand that we all need guns now that the assholes have stockpiled massive amounts of guns and ammo.

Go get em while you still can, folks.

Perfect smooth skin is a myth. Everyone's skin has texture that can't be avoided. amirite?

yes but that doesn't mean there isn't a perfect smoothness, perfect smoothness doesn't mean no texture it just means as smooth as is possible and healthy

Watching porn freely in your browser feels much better than watching porn in incognito. amirite?
On the final Biblical Judgement day it is very likely that half of us with show up in our pajamas or Naked, amirite?
Studies have shown that people are more likely to believe something if it starts with " it's scientifically proven... " or " studies have shown ", amirite?
If we actually found an indestructible material, we would have no way of shaping it. amirite?

Hope they make condoms out of it.

Our past is some other universe/dimension's present, amirite?

There is no present

A 15 minute timeout as a kid feels like an eternity. A 15 minute break at work feels like nothing. amirite?

Relativity my dudes

Pretty reasonable to conclude that children in Africa don't really care whether little Timmy didn't wanna eat his broccoli, amirite?
You're a child for a small moment of your life, and then you're an adult for the rest of your life. amirite?

Actually, ask any elderly person and they will tell you that most people younger than them act like children