It's a paradox to describe yourself as being a humble person. amirite?

Being humble is one of my many advantages

There are probably humans out there that are bigger than gorillas, amirite?

Yeah. According to Google, gorillas are 4-6 feet tall. 6 feet is about average for humans, so yeah. Gorillas are 140-210kg though which is a lot but many humans weigh more.

Kids nowadays won't know what tv channels are. amirite?

i do bc i love watching the channels i have on AT&T plus

The cold side of the duvet/quilt is more satisfying than the cold side of the pillow. Discuss. amirite?

Not in the North in January.

You are never truly alone, close or far, you are always next to someone. amirite?
Shouldn't we plant fruit trees on side walks so homeless can eat, amirite?
@The-Merciless-Potato Ya plant them right infront of your house so the homeless can go there

As though any of us have houses/houses that we can legally plant trees at, especially in urban locations where homeless would reasonably be.

The people who want to make change are, unfortunately, generally not the people with the power to enact it. You bet your ass if the city came by and was like "hey we wanna plant fruit trees for the homeless on your street, that cool?" I'd say hell yeah! "We'd also like you to participate in efforts to keep leaves and fallen fruit off the sidewalks/streets" sure fam, I'll pitch in. If charity meant just walking out your door and sweeping the walkway, I'd like to think most people would do it.

The internet has been around so long that you no longer have to clarify "no spaces" when giving someone an email address or URL, amirite?

If your address ends in "aol" you were tech savvy at one time, but now you're old. But not necessarily stupid.

All your relatives (siblings included) will all soon find a family more important than you and the family dynamic you know will never exist again, amirite?
Diet controls your size, exercise changes your shape. amirite?

DNA controls a lot too

The world needs primitive technology reserves where people can go and do their caveman thing and still see other humans. amirite?

Welcome to Alaska

We hate tech so much when it is even slightly slow in obeying our commands that we'll curse at it. Imagine how shameful that'd be if we treated a person like that: tech makes us abusive, amirite?

Tech has no feelings. People do.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to believe something if it starts with " it's scientifically proven... " or " studies have shown ", amirite?

Studies have shown i will win the lottery within the next year

Batteries are pre-paid electricity, amirite?

The cost per kWh is insane.

The height 5' 8" could also written as 4'20", amirite?


You've probably played a game in the past and found an easter egg that noone knows and has never been found but you moved on thinking it's just part of the game. amirite?
@Vindicare-jjl don't forget to add the develop time for your picture.

You are right. Asking my parent for the camera, then wait for them to finish out the roll of pictures. Then ask then to take it to the Photomat, so it they can send it out and get it back 2 weeks later.