About me.

ok lets get this done and over with!
name: Bethany. do not shorten it i will bite your head off
age: 15
sex: girl
i live on youtube. my favourite youtubers are italktosnakes, CTFxC, lukeconard, winterspringpro, volgbrothers, charlieissocoollike, nerimon, hexacordal, raywilliamjhonson, hopeonatenspeed, owlssayhoot, elmfy, sxephill (thanks to The_Enlightened) and many others. add me on youtube if you wish i am bethanytheravenclaw
i love love love to read.
i am a harry potter nerd.
i belong to the house of ravenclaw
i am Canadian eh
i love hearing Canadian stereotypes people think are true.
i'm always asked if i'm Bi but no i'm not. i'm straight. i think it is because i jokingly flirt with my friends. also i get asked if i think i'm a hipster or they just straight up call me a hipster. i don't get it but what ever.
my friend just told me i am indie i don't really care but i'm cool with indie.

so i thought i would add some political stuff on here. i do not believe in abortion, there are a few exceptions i am willing to admit. i still think adoption is the way to go though. i'm all for gay marriage. if a straight man can marry the woman he loves then why cant a gay man/woman marry the man/woman they love? also how does them marrying the person they love affect you? i don't really support any party yet,because i am to young to vote i don't really care to much yet. also i want more then anything to do as much good as humanly possible.

i want to become a psychologist. people say i give good advice so if you have a problem you can talk to me and i'll do my best to help you out.

i am learning how to play the bass and i adore it!

why yes i am dressed as a mime in my picture! it's makeup for a play i'm in.