Evolution should make dog-sized elephants, amirite?

puppy sized elephants! <3 VLOG BROTHERS <3

How does a guy know he has a big penis? I mean, he would have to compare it to other guys in order to know in realtion if it was "big" or not, amirite?

a guy once told my friend that he has a 2 foot penis xD we were like that would mean you would have something the size of a small child in your pants xD we still laugh about that!

We all have that song that we love but just can't understand a word of it, whether it's in a different language or the rapper is just rapping way too damn fast. amirite?
I like turtles because they're so chill. They don't hurt anyone. They're just like, "Hey man, I want to swim, and maybe eat some lettuce. But I'm gonna take my time getting there, I'm not in a rush. Because I'm a turtle." amirite?

turtles have been my favourite animal for ever! also am i the only one who read this in a really stoned voice? i kind of have the feeling the op was flying high when they wrote this.

Why do so many girls think it's so cute to put a <3 after everything they write. Thunderstorms <3, amirite?

i just ran over a hobo and shot my mother in the face. heading to jail<3

Sometimes you honestly feel you would do ANYTHING for your dog or cat, amirite?

my cat NO, my dog yes! i love my dog and my cat is a little bitch

he also said the first your mom joke " villain i hath done thy mother!"

Johnny Depp is weird when he isn't a pirate, amirite?

i think he looks weird with out scissors for hands

Obviously making same-sex marriage legal will soon make it legal for people to marry their dogs. Just like when women were allowed to vote, and then horses were given voting rights, or when we freed the slaves, we also had to free the hamsters, amirite?
Onelegged Asians on the pogo-stick, between the age of 53-104, who enjoys chopping wood and speaks russian: It's pointless to direct your post at a certain group of people. amirite?

damit im only 52

The key to success in a Disney movie is an adorably expressive horse, amirite?
It sucks when a Repo Man comes and rips your organs out because you defaulted on one of your payments, amirite?
@goingtopigfarts It also sucks when u find out the repo man is your father and he's been secretly poisoning you your whole life

or that because of your rage issues/constant changing face/ addiction to surgery your dad isn't going to leave the family company to you but to some girl instead.

isnt it horrible when you work really hard to get in to a play just so you can get the worst part possible, amirite?

what i hate is the fact that i am there every freakin day never miss a single practice yet i am still things like worker number 3 yet the guy who never shows up and doesn't know his lines is god damn tiny tim and the girl who does nothing but complain and whine and never show up is the fucking lead girl!

There's one song you get mad about when you can't get all the words right in one take; amirite?

i know by hank green i try so hard yet i can never get it right.

You hate when you have Muggle parents and don't know what's going on during the summer, amirite?