If chameleons can swim would you be able to see them, amirite?

I dont know about that, but you can definatly see them once they're drowned. Chameleons cant swim.

The amount of duct tape used on NASA rockets is probably horrifying. amirite?
@dankXD The amount of duck tape used to silence ducks is probably quackering

The amount of Gorilla tape used as a solution is probably scaring people to know a talking gorilla just handed them a roll of tape.

Indiana Jones likely be a blonde female pornstar if not for the movies. amirite?

Oh, I get it now.

When men masterbate, they just throw away DNA. amirite?

U guys can call human petrol(HP)

If you clap for a moment, and then clap in reverse, the movement that you instinctively do is to throw confetti. amirite?
Renegade sisters, blisters, salivate, litigate, liberate, amirite?
@Johannheidar90 I'm a rapper

Oh....they have a label for mindless blatherers now?...nice.

The difference between five minutes of having fun and five minutes of almost peeing your pants is astounding. amirite?

Similar to five minutes on the treadmill

There's nothing worse than realizing you just gained 203 pounds. amirite?

Ouch, that would more than double my weight if I gained that much, I can't imagine carrying around another me and a toddler all day.

If you wear a facemask in the car, no one can tell that you're singing. amirite?

Yeah, but the impromptu drum solos always gives me away.

If a mute women gives handjob it would be a blowjob. amirite?

No, it would still be a handjob.

The a killer in the living room is worse than in any other room, amirite?
August is the only month that's also an adjective, amirite?

Guns n Roses might also disagree...

In a world full of perfection, man finds beauty in its flaws, amirite?

Well that's what happens when literally everything around you except other living beings is all factory made by machines with tolerances of hundredths of millimeters

Most women think all it takes for men to pee with absolutely no splashes is good aim, when that's really only half the battle. amirite?
@Creegs17 The last drop struggle is REAL. But typically the women I've spok3m to were suprised to hear that aiming doesn't...

ok, I get that, that's what I called 'manageable flow', depends on the skin and all. Easy solution is to just sit down on the toilet, or clean after you made a mess

If you smell something with enough force your eating it. amirite?

Snorts Bacon and Eggs