GILF is gender neutral. amirite?
@Classicdry2232 G in gilf can be either grandad or grandma. M in Milf can only be mom.

Or Mister

Or Master but that a different kink....umm, I'll be back in a bit.

"Living Single" (1993-1998) is better than "Friends" (1994-2004) amirite?

Terrible people? They're awesome people. I like all of them.

Capitalism is good for the environment. amirite?

This is not a unpopular opinion, this is just 100%, unequivocally wrong

Knives Out & Glass Onion aren't that great, amirite?

Knives out was amazing. Sorry you didn't get it.

There should only be one sports competition for all people, amirite?
@Tontonsflingueurs This makes no sense at all.

There can only be one, the best that ever waaaaaaas!

There should only be one sports competition for all people, amirite?
Union jobs suck. amirite?

I worked a union job for 40 years. My employer was a jerk but I didn't look at it that I was working for the company. I was working for my family, my benefits, and my retirement that my employer didn't control. And I was working for and with my coworkers to be sure we all had the best work experience we could have. I've ended up having far more because of the union and a better work experience.

The world is actually not getting any less safe, but the older we get the more our childhood innocence wears off and the worse the world appears. amirite?

I think the older you get you realize how unsafe it really is.

People with degrading kinks are disgusting (not a pun) amirite?

We are not like that, you just had bad luck…

Earbuds of all kinds suck and over-ear headphones are 300 times better, amirite?

I can't wear over ear headphones while working and they can't fit in my pocket

Most foods are eaten from the outside in, but Pizza we eat from the inside out. amirite?

My dad eats the crust first. Which, yes, is weird, but still.

Calling people "king" or "queen" for their achievements is dumb. amirite?

Agree, but not all monarchs get their status from birth. Some simply take it by force, which is just as bad. A monarch is a military dictator with some religious endorsement. Not a good thing.

Chicago is one of the most fun cities to visit in the US. amirite?
@Thenaturelover Isnt this a popular opinion of sorts, outside the USA? Im a non-american a Chicago always comes up in "cities we...

idk about outside the US, but i think the general opinion is that its fun to visit, but bad to live in if your not upper middle class. I loved it when i visited but it seems to have issues in its poorer communities. Also like OP said, it is very clean, felt fine to walk anywhere, and was pretty.

All hot food used to be cold, amirite?

If your meat is fresh off the carcass that doesn't have to be true.

Paper is often better than the cloud. amirite?