Theree iss noo purposee in puttingg extraa letterss att thee endd off yourr wordss. STOP DOING IT YOU 7th GRADE BASTARDS, amirite?

Whaaat abouuut in thhhhe middllllle of wordddddds liiiiiiike thiiiiiiis?

They should've just killed Robert Fischer rather than performing inception on him, amirite?

But then someone else would've taken over the company and it still wouldn't be split up. Plus there wouldn't be any cool dream scenes so the movie would be lame.

...when people type's...kind of...depressing... amirite?

...I think....when people talk like comes off as...awkward.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster shouldn't be recognized as a real religion, amirite?
@twisted_memories What are the parameters for a religion to be recognized as legitimate?

Here's what I found...
a distinct legal existence,

a recognized creed and form of worship,

a definite and distinct ecclesiastical government,

a formal code of doctrine and discipline

a distinct religious history,

a membership not associated with any other church or denomination,

an organization of ordained ministers,

ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed studies,

a literature of its own,

established places of worship,

regular congregations,

regular religious services,

Sunday schools for religious instruction of the young,

school for the preparation of its ministers.