It seems like a lot of (not all) people who are voting for Romney are doing so because they believe Obama messed up, without seriously considering how Romney would do better. Amirite?

I'm voting Romney instead of Obama because I believe he'll cut some of our national debt down by doing away with a lot of programs that we can't afford.

That's weird. I didn't know 1 in 50 guys don't have a penis...

You do not get why it is described as "a ton of people", that is about the weight of three average-sized Americans, amirite?

Wow, a joke about Americans being fat. You're so original

It would be fun to raise a child in relative ignorance of common jokes until they reach adulthood, and then the first time someone tells them the "Why did the chicken cross the road?" joke, see if they actually find it funny, amirite?

"knock knock"
"dude, I'm not behind a door...what's wrong with you?"

The possibility of a nuclear war starting sometime in your lifetime is incredibly scary, amirite?
@TommyUK1234 But also really unlikely, haha

It probably is unlikely, but all it takes is for one conflict between two nations with nuclear capabilities to escalate.

it would be cool if shoes kept statistics. Like how far you've walked, average speed, farthest distance on one trip, etc. amirite?

Lebron James' new line of shoes keep track of a lot running stats. It's pretty exciting

America shouldn't try to be the worlds super power and spread democracy. We have our own flaws, what makes us the best? amirite?

Freedom makes us the best, and freedom should be spread everywhere.

Banning birth control should not even be an issue. Women have the right to have sex without getting pregnant using any form of contraception they wish to use, amirite?

That's not the issue. The issue is whether or not the government should be paying for those contraceptives.

If four Americans were killed for every stupid/offensive video on YouTube, there'd be no more Americans, amirite?
@AppleZach And just what would the world do without us? I know the global IQ would go up, and the obesity percentage down.

Well for starters, the worlds economy would crash because the US imports more world goods than any other country. Then the entertainment industry would suffer a huge setback because the US dominates that industry. Shipping around the world would get a lot harder because the US Navy acts as the world police by making sure no countries ships get attacked by Somali pirates or groups like them. Oh, and the world would be losing the greatest country on Earth.

The concept of a black hole is an extremely scary thought, amirite?

Yeah, that's why I don't date black girls...

There will probably never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever forever never ever be another song like Taylor Swifts new song, amirite?

Can't tell if OP is being annoying or making fun of how her new song says ever a lot...

It's an exciting thought that Japan has decided they want to stop utilizing nuclear power, amirite?

Why is that exciting?

Mythbusters: If it isn't true, you blow it up instead then. amirite?

Such an awesome show. Can you imagine how fun it would be to have there job?

Obama has been a subpar president, amirite?
@_Jojo_ Ending the war in Iraq, bailing out our auto industry which is now back on top, creating over 4 million jobs, major...

See, I just view most of those things as average accomplishments. The war in Iraq was scheduled to end during his presidency, he didn't really decide that. Bailing our auto industries out was a good move, I'll give him that. Creating 4 million jobs sounds great, but when you look at it more closely, he spend over a trillion dollars in stimulus to create them and still didn't lower unemployment to under 8%. I'm not saying he's the antichrist or anything, I'm just kinda disappointed that someone who campaigned in hope and change didn't actually change that much. That's why I won't vote to re elect him. He hasn't been good enough

It doesn't surprise you that most people who reject evolution don't even have a basic understanding of it, amirite?

It is annoying when people blindly reject it, but some people reject the theory even after doing their research. Just sayin