It's not fair for people to say homosexuality isn't a sin because, in some religions, it is, amirite?

Religion only brings truth to those who believe religion to be truthful.

The real reason many gay men choose to stay in the closet so long is because they have to find the perfect outfit to come out in, amirite?

Maybe someone should design a walk-out closet.

It ANNOYS the crap out of you when some one with long fingernails accidentally scratches on the wall, paper or BLACKBOARD aghh. amirite?


Dreams are supposed to be imaginative and unique to each individual. Yet, the vast amount of people are fantasizing the same dream. It's a dream of eminence, power, fortune, sexual relations, and recreational opportunities, amirite?

Herr Freud, is that you?

Bonne Fetes des Meres! amirite?

Bonne Fête des mères. It's singular and with an accent circonflexe ;)
But thanks, you too!

You've never actually witnessed a toaster shoot toast into the air like on TV, amirite?

I really wonder how they do that..

There are 4 things you can never recover: The stone..after the throw. The word..after it's said. The occasion..after it's missed. The time..after it's gone. amirite?

Depends on how far you throw the stone.

sucks when lord voldemort kills your parents and you end up with a bunch of horrible muggles, amirite?

I hate it when that happens.

Robert Pattinson was good looking as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. In Twilight, as Edward, he looks like an alcoholic, crack-addict who doesn't know how to wash his hair, amirite?

Thanks OP, I already thought I was the only one who thought that :)

"No offence, but..." followed by something offensive is not only a waste of breath, but is a complete and utter contradiction. Why are you even getting involved in my business, amirite?
@ashbashcrashed Uh-oh :( feels like a fool

It's ok, you're certainly not the first one to make that mistake. Just make sure to look some words in your post up before posting it next time :)

You stole my wall's virginity without it's permission. So technically you just raped a wall. amirite?
It’s funny how much people who claim to have their own styles look the same, amirite?
When you are packing to go on a vacation, you usually pack everything really neatly so it fits, but when you're packing up to go home, you normally just shove everything in, amirite?

People always say that my closet looks like a bomb just exploded in there.. so yeah, you're right :')

Bonne Fetes des Meres! amirite?
@yeah i know, i take french, i just didnt know how to make the accents on my keyboard =]

oh alright, on my keyboard it's above the 6. So just hold shift and push the 6 :]

You've tasted lotion or shampoo before because it smelled so good and then regreted it, amirite?

When I was little, I had this shampoo that smelled like cola...
It didn't exactly taste that way.