It's not fair for people to say homosexuality isn't a sin because, in some religions, it is, amirite?

Religion only brings truth to those who believe religion to be truthful.

Gay marriage should be allowed everywhere in the US. They're humans, and should be treated as such. Love has no gender. Equality FTW<3 amirite?
Girls who are embarrassed to eat in front of guys are annoying, amirite?

That was just plain mean. That someone's fat doesn't always mean they stuff themselves all day long. Some people have a certain physical condition that makes them gain weight much faster than others. And even people who do overeat, aren't to be called pigs. In fact, I'd say the only pig here is you, insulting other people without knowing anything about them.

Ina group of girls, there's always one really ugly girl. if you say No Way, you are probably the ugly girl, amirite?

On the amirite homepage, there's always that one post you think doesn't belong there, amirite?

Come on, it's a little too easy to get a good score out of this.

The real reason many gay men choose to stay in the closet so long is because they have to find the perfect outfit to come out in, amirite?

Maybe someone should design a walk-out closet.

Bratz; worse then barbie. At least Barbie had several prestigious jobs and wore normal people clothes, she's not a teenage skank living off her parent's money and too much makeup. amirite?

Not to mention their unbelievably large heads ._.

It sucks that the only reasonably priced colored jeans are skinny jeans. I'm short, can't pull off the skinny style, and all I want is some purple goddamn jeans! That's not too much to ask, amirite?
@Shut up fatty. Go shop at maternity section they might fit you better.

You're an ass, I think it's smart of OP to want to wear jeans that actually look good on her.

A soldier only needs to shoot straight, not be straight, amirite?

even if that's true, what's the problem with that? Straight people can have AIDS, too. And who says that gay people sleep around with everyone ánd aren't being safe?

FTW is NOT WTF backwards, you sound really stupid when you put something like "some naked guy was running down my street...FTW?" The meaning of FTW is For The Win. get it right. amirite?

True, but I think 'Fuck The What' actually sounds pretty funny.

It will be an awkward day when Miley Cyrus turns 40 and no man on the face of the earth wants to marry her, considering she claims she is staying a virgin until marriage, amirite?

I doubt people will even know her anymore by then, she can't be considering a serious acting and/or singing career, can she? The trick with the autotune and photoshop should get old eventually..

Love isn't some magical emotion, it's a decision. Anyone can convince themselves that they're in love, it's nothing special. Amirite?

Wow, you sound bitter.

There are 4 things you can never recover: The stone..after the throw. The word..after it's said. The occasion..after it's missed. The time..after it's gone. amirite?

Depends on how far you throw the stone.

A lot of people are mad at the Pope for aborting his duties, but I feel like it's his body and he should be able to choose.

I love that you posted this in the "animals" category

Why does it even matter if you wear a hat in class, amirite?

My school's excuse is that they "can't see your eyes"..
I think they forgot what the real reason is.

elizabeth swan is so much cooler than bella swan, amirite?

All swans are cooler than Bella