People who say the holocaust didnt exist are, ignorant, and blind. If it didnt happen then explain holocaust survivors got those numbers on there arms. Oh and those concentration camps were just built for fun? THE HOLOCAUST DID HAPPEN PEOPLE.
@BetterThanEzra1119 unnessecary comma!

Speak for yourself, grammar Nazi.

The youth of today have it way too easy. Just once I would like to see them have to go through the trouble of blowing into a video game just to make it work.
The youth of today have it way too easy. Just once I would like to see them have to go through the trouble of blowing into a video game just to make it work.
It's pretty sad how people are killing themselves for the people that hate them instead of living for those who love them, amirite?

It's sad that people are killing themselves, period.

Facebook requests to join a Mafia gang, build a farm or become the It Girl are really annoying! I wish Facebook would quit adding games or that their was an easy way to block the requests.

If you look in your privacy settings or security settings (not sure which) there's an option to block the game apps so you don't get those notifications. The more you know...

Over thinking is the root of all evil amirite?

Underthinking is the root of a lot of evil

What do you judge a book by? (If Other, say what you mean in the comments).

How much it ticks me off when I try reading it

A good insult would be, your face is an oxymoron. It's "pretty ugly."

"Grotesquely beautiful"

At some point you've gone on a musical adventure on iTunes or Soundcloud or anywhere just to listen to random music that you might like, amirite?

Life is about making mistakes. I had a prof that said she wishes everyone a lot of failure in life because success comes with failure and succeeding will be that much greater if failure is involved.

Improper spelling may not make the opinion completely invalid but it definitely can make it lose some validity. Typos happen and that should be taken into consideration but when "peeps start talkin lyke dis," it kind of puts their education and mental capacity into question. Not to mention it drives some people (like me) up the wall when they see someone typing like that.


But doing things you know you'll regret is also a mistake. Hopefully one that will be learned from. If you do learn from that failure, you'll eventually succeed somewhere else because of what was learned.

This is true but it also tells more about you depending on whether you do it or not. It can also be contextual. You may know its wrong but you could be influenced into doing it (peer pressure) or it could be a situation where that may be a better option, even though it is still regretful. Also, while doing said thing, whatever it may be, you could learn other things not directly related to what it is that you're doing.

Hockey is the best sport, amirite?

I've got hockey in my blood. Hell, I could maneuver better on skates when I was ten than I can maneuver now on foot haha.

I wanna get a dog and call her Naked so I can tell people I need to go walk Naked down the street. Best Idea Ever.

I could walk Naked with you if you'd like