It would be awkward if sex worked like the game, and we would all be required to announce whenever we think about it. amirite?

Teenage boys would never shut up. It would blow the whole "females talk more than males" thing into chaos.

Why can't people just drink water in the ocean? There is a bunch of it out there!! Stupid people don't know the ocean is made up of one-trillion+ H20!! amirite?
Guys: it's really awkward meating a girl for the first time, amirite?

I think meating someone would be awkward anytime; I just have visions of flinging handfuls of raw hamburger like snowballs...

Racism is a thing learned through culture; you aren't born with it. I mean, little kids color people every color of the rainbow and think nothing of it, amirite?

Yes, you do learn it and usually from your parents, but that's only an excuse until you want to be taken seriously as having a mind of your own. Any adult or near-adult claiming to not be able to help being racist since their parents are is weak-minded.

If you are one of those naturally beautiful girls. No plastic surgery, or excessive makeup and sluttly clothes. But a naturally beautiful person, you really hate it. Everyone always stares. Guys either are too shy to even talk to you, or wont stop trying to pick you up. While girls hate you on sight. It's quite lonely, amirite?
@DanielJames This post. Has terrible wording. And punctuation. It's almost. Unbearable. And it really. Sucks being sexy, amirite?

Couldn't have. Said it better myself. Boohoohoo, conventionally attractive people; sucks when people just give you pretty much anything you want with no effort on your part, amirite?

Guys: Girls should only have hair on their head, amirite?

Hairless arms would be creepy and reptilian. So, no.

It's ridiculous when people say things like "Mormons (and, to a lesser extent, Catholics) aren't real Christians." Who the fuck are you to judge? amirite?

They're idiots; by definition, if your religion worships(or whatever) christ, then it's christian.

It's just sad how people promote seperatism.

9 out of 10 runway models aren't even pretty, amirite?

shrug They're human clothes hangers... tall and bony, so as to show off the clothes. "Pretty" is not a requirement.

So, apparently NASA has created "a color darker than black"(their words); Nathan Explosion is gonna be so stoked, amirite?

blink I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had Tourettes. It's ok; I won't judge you based on your mental disability.

Those "You're beautiful!!" quotes on the walls of bathroom stalls don't help anybody, amirite?

Meh, it's better than the usual bathroom graffitti. Who knows... the person who reads that might have been about to off themselves shrug

"Who says I can't wear my converse with my dress?' Well it depends on the dress... amirite?

It doesn't depend on the dress, it depends on the self-confidence of the person wearing it. Confident people wear whatever they want, because they don't care if random people think it doesn't look right.

If you caught your bf/gf cheating on you, it would be okay to break up with them on the spot without hearing "their side of the story", amirite?

NWs are cheaters or doormats... you can choose to forgive, but there's never a "story" that will excuse cheating. Well, maybe if you have an extremely devious and evil identical twin, but that's it.

A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks, "Why the long face?" The horse answers, "My wife has terrible cancer.", amirite?

This would be that moment in the comedy club where the room goes awkwardly silent.

stop freaken complementing me if you're not going to ask me out, amirite?

Haha, this post is actually more true if you consider it with the version of compliment/complement they used. I have a hard time believing they realized that, though.

It's weird when you meet someone who hates something that almost everyone loves like root beer, or Monopoly, or their grandmother, amirite?

I love Monopoly.

I know a kid who hates ice cream... all kinds, all flavors. How weird is THAT?