The Hogwarts Express, while cool, doesn't really make much sense for the kids from wizarding families. It would be much more efficient for them to just use floo powder, a portkey or side-along apparition to get to Hogsmeade, then take the carriages to Hogwarts, amirite?
@XhollyXroseX Oh really? I did not know that...why?

And also because floo powder was a security issue since pretty much anyone could use it

A hungry teenage girl is just as much a threat to your food supply as a hungry teenage boy, amirite?

Hitting YYA as I finish the last of our cheetos...

Every guy should have a pair of camouflage shorts to 'support their troops,' amirite?
@Lkun vomits My inner fashionista would die!

Ahhhh crapppp....I just realized I made a typo. I meant to put underwear, not shorts!

It'd really suck to get your period on your wedding day and not realize it, amirite?

You'd definitely realize it eventually...and so would everyone else

You remember eating Puppy Chow with your fellow classmates in elementary school, amirite?

We had a party in one of my classes yesterday and we had puppy chow..sooo good! and I'm in high school

The only thing funnier than a dead baby is a dead baby in a clown costume, amirite?

What's worse than ten dead babies nailed to a tree?

One dead baby nailed to ten trees.

The most underrated book of the Harry Potter series was the 3rd one (The Prisoner of Azkaban), amirite?
The most underrated book of the Harry Potter series was the 3rd one (The Prisoner of Azkaban), amirite?

It's my favorite one because, in my opinion, it had the biggest twist

You tend to exaggerate celebrities ages. Justin Beiber? He is like 12... Oh Morgan Freeman? Dude.. he is almost 107. amirite?

Whaa? Morgan Freeman is timeless.

One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it, amirite?

Wise words of Kung Fu Panda

Rocky balboa is the man, amirite?

"Miss Mullins, SHE'S the man!"

That was School of Rock btw...

It's alright for the woman to wear the pants in the relationship as long as the man gets to take them off, amirite?
Sometimes words put together sound like something else, its sofa king retarded, amirite?

Spelling "ihop" then adding "ness" on the end.

@How did you get yours to stop?

Well, I sent him to a really well known rock trainer. The process took about two months and thousands of dollars, but it was worth it. Also, I let him out AT LEAST 15 times a day. pet rock is really well trained and doesn't do this...