You wonder what the names of these remaining characters are, amirite?

Characters like letters and numbers?

Nerds have more fun amirite?

lol well I would hope so =p

America is too uptight about nudity and sex amirite?

...Japan also has $40,000 sex dolls and tentacle porn

Ice cream puns are never in "Good Humor" amirite?

Good Humor ice cream bars...

You've masturbated thinking about your crush amirite?
Charizard was the most badass of the original three poke'mon starters, amirite?

Well I had that written initially, but Squirtle is definitely cooler than charmander...I mean he rocked the shades and all, but there's no competition among the later 3 evolutions IMO

Sometimes, you're just in a bad mood, and you disagree with everything, amirite?

Wouldn't it make more sense if everyone voted no way? to prove the point...

You're a Pro-crastinator amirite?

Hahaha my sentiments exactly