You tried cutting your own hair at one point in time when you were a little kid, amirite?

I always cut my hair now. But when i was little i cut my sisters hair for her and i just cut off one side up to her ears and the other side went down half her back.

It's annoying how many different ways there are for displaying the date as numbers. Sometimes it's hard to tell if 03-04-01 is March 4th 2001, or April 1st 2003, or January 4th 2003. I'm no fan of standardization, but this is one thing that should remain constant, amirite?
@Lemon_cupcake Where is this, because on school papers we have to write it month, day, year

in Europe the write it day, month, year. the us writes it month, day, year. And im pretty sure china writes it year, month, day. But i could be wrong.

Before, people often used 'xoxo' as a casual sign-off. But now, it seems the 'o's have been made redundant and has become 'xxxx', amirite?

My American friends use xo or xoxo still but people I've met from England or Australia use xx

There's been at least one teacher in your life that you've wanted to have sex with, amirite?

My world history teacher in grade 10. And this other teacher isnt my teacher but I die whenever I see him in the halls (x

Bullying should be as strictly punished as being late to school or skipping exams. amirite?

Maybe my school is different than yours because you could get suspended or expelled for bullying, but being late is just like if you get too many you need to go to Saturday school.

forking lawns in the middle of the night is great, amirite?

My brother and his friend for the senior prank got most of the seniors to do this on all the laws in our school. And on the senior lawn put 2011 with red cups on top.

You've accidentally flashed a multitude of people before, amirite?

It sucks cause its multiple times. The time on the school bus, i was wearing a strapless shirt and as i stood up, it got caught on the side of the bus and shirt went down, everyone laughed. Also, at the waterpark i went down the straight down slide and it went up, the lifeguard tried to give me his number though(x & this last one was kind of on purpose.. I wad insanely crunk and i took my shirt off cause someone said they like my shirt. Im dumb.

You hate it when the only reason you're single is because you dick is too big and it might kill someone. amirite?

I saw this on Facebook .-.

You support relationships with 3+ people as long as all of them are consenting adults, amirite?

My dad was married to my mom and step mom at the same time and they lived in the same house. But im still not sure if i support it.

Hug a penguin is at least in the top ten on your bucket list. amirite?
Hug a penguin is at least in the top ten on your bucket list. amirite?
Guys: you're nowhere near as protective over your younger sibling(s) as most guys on TV are. amirite?

My brother is actually worse.

Hug a penguin is at least in the top ten on your bucket list. amirite?

Make a wish took me to Florida for all the amusement parks and I held one. (:

There's someone on this site who you would do, amirite?

Disco , uff too cute (x

Why do golf courses even have ponds? Takes a lot of balls to put that there, amirite?

I was walking by a golf course and thinking that today.