About me.

Oh hi.

I'm not very interesting. But I feel I should try to write something anyways. So here goes.

I love to Nordic ski, bake, write, compose, play various instruments and read.
I never watch TV. I watch the one and only show that I follow, NCIS, online.
I'm what some people might consider a nerd, or a goody-goody.
History fascinates me, but I'm no great historian.
I listen to music constantly, usually to block out stupid, immature people when I'm not in the mood (even though I can be stupid and immature as well).
My favorite singer is Juanes; my favorite song is "A Dios le Pido."
I make mistakes. Lots of them.
I enjoy proper grammar quite a lot.
I'm a cat person, not a dog person (although I love all animals).
My favorite color changes every few months.
I'm currently taking my fifth year of Spanish, and I love speaking it; unfortunately, my grammar (among other things) sucks.
I can't wait to go to college and do things on my own (2 more years...).
My hair never does what I want it to.
I almost never start conversations with those I don't know. However, on the internet, I'm a bit more bold.

So yeah. Not that interesting.

Just your basic teenage girl.