You wish you were born 1000 years from now rather than in this primitive society

I wish that I was born a thousand years ago
I wish that I'd sailed the darkened seas

One time I punched this very small, taiwanese exchange student in the face while playfighting with someone else.

no not really. you're not superior to someone if you're more intelligent than them.

Think about those people who are constantly gossiping to you. Who's to say that you're safe from being stabbed by those very same tongues too, amirite?

you probably are, but who gives a shit

In elementary school, one of the most horrible things you could do was call a teacher by their first name, amirite?

I remember in early primary we still called teachers by their first name, e.g. Miss Jenny, I guess it's friendlier for little children. It was afterwards that we had to call teachers by their last name, and to call them by their first name was horrible.

Some people say they're music fans, but they only like one type of genre. Just to be a music fan, you don't care what genre it is, as long as its good music. Amirite?

I think it is completely subjective and people can like different genres of music more than others. As a musician, I am a lot more annoyed when I ask people what music they like and they say 'I like ALL music! Seriously!'

Why is Voldemort missing so many facial features? No one really nose.. amirite?

I was going to comment the answer, but then I got the pun and realised I would be the smartass who ruins the joke.

That moment when you're watching television and someone comes right in the room, stand in your way, and watch it too. You're like, "Do you think I can see through your back?" Amirite?

there's an expression in spanish:
'La piel de burro no es transparente'

I think random drug testing should be required in high schools when students start acting out. If we catch the problem early, we can stop it before they become addicted.

nah cause the only drug they can really catch is weed which stays in your system for about 2 weeks, as opposed to others which only stay for a couple hours, and weed isn't the one you want to catch

It's somewhat humorous that as kids we believed a low wattage light bulb would provide protection from flesh-eating monsters while we sleep, amirite?
That moment when your friends play 7minutes in heaven or whatever and you're dared to kiss the guy you like, and you guys go to another room or closet or something and you just stand there. And you wanna make a move so badly but you are nervous! And you don't know what to do. That feeling...

kiss him for god's sake!

Food always tastes so much better when you're absolutely starving. Even food that you wouldn't otherwise want looks appealing.

Or when you have the munchies

There's an art to handwriting, amirite?

Isn't it called calligraphy?

When you press the mute button, you should be able to volume down without the sound coming back on until you press volume up again

This has always unconsciously annoyed me, thank you!

Sleeping is the best feeling in the world