Kim Kardashian is older than Britney Spears. amirite?

But with a stitched cunt

Our solar system is the same as the oxygen atom, once large centre energy source with 8 orbiting smaller ones, amirite?
@teknogreek Our solar system doesnt have any electron shells. and orbit is irrelevant. They spin around the center held by a force.

Our solar system doesnt have any electron shells. and orbit is irrelevant.

If you are gonna say our solar system is the same, its quite relevant.

If you become a successful scientist, you could probably go to Mars one day. amirite?
@browndog888 Or you can not be a scientist and wait till Elon musk starts selling plane tickets to mars

But you'd have to be rich and becoming rich is harder than becoming a scientist. Besides, who says the colony needs you to stay?

Ironically, premature ejaculation was probably seen as a desirable trait back when reproduction was the key to survival rather than fun/fulfillment. amirite?

Don't most animals ejaculate rather quickly?

Every person has a price tag. For some it's 10k $ and for some it is 1 billion $, but does not change the fact that given right sum of money every person will do anything, amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound Allright, keep telling yourself whatever makes you sleep at night.

If you really do have a price for something like that, then recommend seeking help.

Perhaps there's no need to compare which country is the greatest country on earth. There's no prize awarded to the greatest country anyway. amirite?

I mean I hope there isn't a finish line either.. unless thats just us coming together.. like not under dictatorship...

The person who designed auto-flush toilets obviously doesn't wipe standing up, amirite?

Those scare me not gonna lie

Medusa's hair is snakes, so her pubes must be too. Slither IN on command. amirite?
Just to think....there will be people that will actually get to experience.... amirite?

The Chinese calendar is at over 4000 years so technically there already were people who experienced year 3000

Many people are offended by not being allowed to offend people. amirite?
@Shiny244 People who are easily offended are twats.

Counterpoint: people going out of their way to offend people are assholes.

A plate is an anti-gravity device for food, amirite?

Throw it up in the air see what happens

You have probably walked past someone in your life who was living their last day, amirite?
If you weigh 98 pounds and drink 2 pounds of 2% milk, you become 2% milk, amirite?
@Akhilmathew33 Who TF drinks 2 pounds of milk

A lot of people probably. A gallon weighs over 8 lbs so two tall glasses is probably just about there.

There isn't any fruit that a human cannot lift, amirite?
We use social media as if it's ours but we belong to it more than it belongs to us. amirite?

Its a code they cracked, but its becoming societies downfall.