Seatbelts are positioned in a way to where "get out the car" brings on a lot of suspicious movements, amirite?

Spoken from experience?

Wood will probably be considered a luxury building material, like marble, when we colonise other star systems. amirite?
Dinosaurs probably chirped instead of giving off a roar. amirite?
@dankXD Just imagine being chased by the T-Rex and it just chirps at you lmfao

Right! I know the raptors kind of chirped, but the scene when the T-rex kills the raptors and gives a good roar inside the lodge just wouldn't feel the same.

The only logical way of donkey and the dragon having babies is if donkey went inside the dragon and masturbated. amirite?

Masturbation with hooves must be a challenge

If you have a twin and buy the same clothes you don't need to look in a mirror, amirite?

Fraternal twins?

Pop tarts are fruit calzones. amirite?

Shut up shut up

Hummingbirds fly insanely fast so they can visit more flowers and drink more nectar to give them the energy to fly insanely fast. amirite?

I've heard they need to eat almost every hour or they die because of their lightning metabolism

Our grandkids will most likely never drive gas cars. amirite?

They'll look back on manually driven cars and think we were crazy to allow most anyone to drive a metal machine that can reach such speeds

Companies are purely motivated by money, yet don't want employees purely motivated by money. amirite?

Which is a large part of why things run differently in government and the public sector.

Companies are purely motivated by money, yet don't want employees purely motivated by money. amirite?
@browndog888 I think capitalism as a default is good, but needs referees willing to step in when it doesn't work. Now, I know...

Problem is humans. No human referee is beyond influence. Case in point: politics.

(I include myself in this maxim)

Vaginas are sometimes referred to as boxes... Penises are sometimes referred to as junk... Boxes are a great place to store your junk... amirite?
It's ethical to be in a relationship with your sibling as long as it's consensual. amirite?

Incest is never okay, consensual or not

4 pieces of bacon, amirite?

That's why they pay the marketing department the big bucks!

There's bound to be someone out there with a foot fetish for the metric measurement instead of the body part. amirite?

isn't feet imperial?

Most people wanting stricter gun laws, don't even know most of the gun laws, even in their own city/state. amirite?