About me.

I'm probably going to be adding to this for awhile...
my username says it all, almost=] My sport is Colorguard (marching band) and... yeah, pirates over ninjas, Harry Potter over everything else, Coke over Pepsi, Google over Yahoo.. if I think of anymore I'll add to it
yes my username is also kinda weird, but that's me so if you don't like it get over it. I am 19, get distracted very easily, will read almost anything fantasy or fiction. aaaand yeah! I also like doing puzzles, for some reaso, no smaller than 1000=]. I like using smiley faces, if you can't tell; prefer to use normal grammar, reading. I think Boston Terriers are the cutest dogs(but I have one, so I'm biased.) I was born in Maryland, but had to move to the polar opposite of Maryland called Arizona, which wouldn't be so bad except for the heat. I forgot to say that I also play cello! I also tend to forget things easily, but that's just details
something else random- I keep looking at my username and I'm all "who the hell would be weird enough to have a username 'bookfreak'... oh wait.."=D guess I'm stuck with it
Decided that it was time to add a bit to my profile, since it's been the same for who knows how long. But here's an update of me:
-I have now been through my first year of college. I absolutely love it, NAU is a great school.
-I have decided to dual major in Interior Design and Finance, and my goal is to do that in four years.
-I am taking four summer school classes to try and achieve that goal
-I still love Harry Potter, cannot WAIT for the premiere!!! Seeing it in Texas too!!
-Summer is fun, but I cannot wait for school to start back up again.. you'll understand when you come back after spending a year free from the parental units.
-After always having my hair long, I think later this week I am going to cut it! Slightly apprehensive, but more excited then not.

Yeah, just a list-view of some of the things that are going on in the life of me. Though I doubt many are going to read this, that's all good=D