Note that I think saying stuff like that is awful but...

it is not the same. Social minorities do not have the institutional power to change their prejudices into action, basically. They are not the ones in power. Their prejudices will not become societal values because they have them or perpetuate them. That's different with social majorities, who DO have the institutional power to turn their prejudices into oppression.
Insulting white people will not carry the same weight as insulting black people. Same with insulting men vs. women, straight people vs. non-straight people, etc.

It's still wrong. It's still unpleasant. It's still a form of discrimination. But it is not the same.

If a single living cell was found on a distant planet, scientists would exclaim that we have found life elsewhere in the universe. So why is a single living cell found in the womb of a pregnant woman not considered life, amirite?

If a piece of broccoli was found on a distant planet, scientists would exclaim that we have found life elsewhere in the universe. So why is eating broccoli not murder?

How about we just don't judge people on their personal decisions that harm no one? Then this problem wouldn't exist to begin with, genius.

In cultures where text is read from right to left, when someone from that culture pictures time on a linear scale, the past is on the right with the future on the left. In languages with masculine and feminine pronouns, a natural speaker of that language is more likely to point out the aspects of that object that are generally associated with the pronoun's gender. The effect that language has on how we perceive the world is astounding. amirite? is a pretty good article on this, and I'm sure you can find better ones. "Language shapes meaning" is a good keyphrase to use for research on this topic. And yes, it absolutely amazing the power words can have. Simply choosing a different word, even if they are synonymous, can give people a whole different impression of the same thing. :)

If you're looking for something a bit more casual, Cracked did a surprisingly good article on this too:

Losing weight wouldn't be THAT hard! instead of working out all day and eating healthy food, why don't people just stop drinking as much water. like maybe drink no more then a cup a day cause then you will lose a ton of weight fast since water is heavy, amirite?

THAT'S GREAT! YES! Except, science, so no.

Whether anyone likes it or not, the United States is the mightiest nation in the world, amirite?
@DaNawho Yeah right you really are not the mightiest maybe you have a little influence but not mighty considering you can't...

a "little" influence?
a) We started the UN, and it is run in America
b) We basically run the film industry
c) We have the strongest fighting force in the world

I'm not saying America's the brightest, or the strongest, or the toughest, but it certainly is the most powerful country for those three reasons. I hate when people "hate" on America. We fucking take care of our country plenty. Our problems come when we begin trying to take care of other peoples countries. And many "great" people have come from America, probably a larger amount than come from most countries. So if you wan't to take a hit at America for being fat or whatever, fine, but don't belittle us, because we are the most powerful nation whether you like it or not.

If you're not getting it from the wife, it's not "cheating", it's "keeping your sanity", amirite?
To err is human. To not know what to err means is American, amirite?

And to make jokes about how dumb Americans are to make up for their own incompetence is European.

The midriff on a girl is the most attractive part, amirite?

...what about a really fat girl?

inb4 "we're all beautiful" stfu no we aren't

Skinny people that think they're fat are better than fat people that think they're skinny, amirite?

Both annoy me.

You know what? I just don't like ANYONE.

English people DO like american accents amirite?
@We have accents?

No, only terrorists have accents.

If it was legal, if you treated him well, and he wanted to be one, you wouldn't mind having a little slave, amirite?
@stepdom (Эдуард Хи...): i guess we all have our prefrence

Well, maybe I will ask mine for sexual favors... but he doesn't have to if he doesn't want to.

But he'll want to.

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You don't understand why there are Draco Malfoy fangirls. He's a cowardly, snot-nosed little brat; what's so sexy about that, amirite?
"Oh my God," is really more of a commonly used expression as opposed to a testament of faith. You don't need to be religious to say it, amirite?

I think it's stupid that people complain about me using it. Especially when they're like "Oh stop using the lords name in vain deblehdeblabla-" Listen bitch, I said MY God. Not your God, not your friends God, MY GOD. Not everyone believes in Jesus you dumbass. Oh my God.