About me.

Hey. Hi. Hello. Good Morning. Good Afternoon. Good Night. Greetings. Welcome. Whats up. Howdy. Aloha. Bonjour. Good Day. Whats up. Guten Tag. Salve.

Basic Info:I live in America. I am a few months shy of 20, which seems really weird to me. As you can probably tell, I comment far more than I post. But I’ll post when I think of a good one. I’ve been on the site for about 5-6 months longer than it says on the bar to the left; it just took a lot to motivate me to make an account.

Religious Views: I am a strong Christian, and while I respect other’s religious beliefs(or lack thereof) I dislike people misrepresenting what Christians believe or treating the beliefs/actions of some Christians as a representation of all Christians.

Other Views:Politically, my views are issue by issue. I think the two-party system in America is one of our problems and I don’t ascribe myself to either party. I am against abortion, but I am pro-choice because abortion should be allowed when the mother’s life is in danger. I am fully against the death penalty. I think welfare should only be for those who show geniune effort at trying to improve their situation. If you’d like to know others, just ask.

Favorite Movies:Shawshank Redemption, Inception, The Green Mile, The Bourne Movies, The Lord of the Rings, Pay it Forward, The Matrix, V for Vendetta

Favorite Books:I don’t have time to read much, but there are a few books I love. Harry Potter is by far my favorite fictional book. The Hunger Games is a recent favorite, and I just hope the movie does it justice. The following are also very good: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Lord of the Flies, and 1984.

Other Stuff:
-I can be sarcastic and satiric at times
-I like good grammar. Feel free to correct me because I may correct you.
-Amirite is where I practice debating, and I may make an argument I don’t believe just because there is another side. Please don’t be offended by this.
-My comments tend to be longwinded. That’s just the way I am.

-I love technology and computers
-I like good food
-I love sweet iced tea(why I could never leave the southern USA)
-I like things that make me think

-I don’t like it when people correct other people’s spelling/grammar/punctuation while having errors in their own statement. If you correct someone, at least take the time to make sure you are correct too.
-I don’t like prolonged loud noise. Concerts and big crowds give me headaches.
-I don’t like working in messy areas.
-I don’t like bad logic.

That’s about it. If you’d like to know something else, ask.