Women are traditionally the cooks in their family while most chefs in restaurants are men, amirite?

Like Lefty said- Men cooks better thats why(Saw Donnie Brasco for first time yesterday)

a lot of women's whole identity is the relationship their in and it's sorta pathetic, amirite?

some people value relationships more than others. let people live their lives

Dating apps should not be taken seriously, amirite?

Dating apps are terrible for your self esteem.

In 10-20 years , most adult couples will be made of an older woman dating a younger man, amirite?
@browndog888 Older doesn't mean grandma status

I am 47, some of my classmates probably have grandkids already

Eating Healthy is not Expensive, People just lack Meal Prep/Cooking Skills. amirite?
@Thatoneduderyan Where are you getting a whole chicken for $7? I just paid $10 for two chicken breasts.

I live in Los Angeles (so decently high COL) and the chain grocery store I go to typically has chicken available for $2.99 per pound, and about half the time, the one that's $3.99 per pound is BOGO free so effectively $2 per pound

Marijuana is a gateway drug because it's safe for kids, amirite?

It's a weird title imo. Because I didn't like weed and it turned me off to other drugs for a long time but once I ytied other drugs o was surprised that I like them way better

Women are traditionally the cooks in their family while most chefs in restaurants are men, amirite?
@LookAnAltAccount Was looking for this answer. I mean afaik the chefs in the restaurants design the menu and perhaps supervise the...

I work in a restaurant. Unfortunately you are wrong. The chefs do all of the things you describe…but they do the majority of the cooking as well.

Sunlight burns vampires, but moonlight is made by the suns light as well, amirite?

Sunlight burns human skin, but moonlight is made by the suns light as well

Characters don't need to be relatable to be good, amirite?
@Milkzey You do not need to be the exact same as the characters for them to be relatable, though. Sure, most people aren't...

No, I disagree. Even if I'm stuck with a problem, I'm not going to become a drug kingpin and kill other criminals for territory. See, a lot of people, including you, think that you're supposed to relate with these anti-heroes. But you're not supposed to. Sure, you see the word through their eyes, but that doesn't mean you're supposed to relate to them. That's why they're an anti-hero. They're not the good guy.

Daily living has become so sedentary for so many people that we had to create gyms to purposely remake it physically hard on ourselves, amirite?

Gyms use a ton of energy to run. Which is crazy because people constantly put in "work"for their workout. All treadmills should be battery charging hamster wheels. A squat on a machine should use your energy to power the building. How is this not common practice by now?

Humans are technically man-made because it is made by 2 people. amirite?

Rude. They're technically woman-made.

People here grossly overestimate their expertise in areas they've never studied, amirite?
Terminator Salvation was badass, amirite?
@Larny2019 It had the opportunity to take place in the future we always got a glimpse of then just didn't do it.. that was...

It needed time to get there. They were still fighting with projectile weapons but in t2 the future scenes used energy weapons, which means the terminators were about to exponentially increase there technological advantage and the humans were going to have to adapt. It woulda been cool to watch this hopeless struggle play out. Also, the endgame mission that defeats signet was supposed to occur simultaneously to Kyle Reese and T-800 going back to the 80s. The war was over in the future, and just Begining in the past. Woulda been badass. Also Christian bale is exactly who I want to see cast as John Connor.

Eating Healthy is not Expensive, People just lack Meal Prep/Cooking Skills. amirite?

even better, go to indian grocery store, and you will get 10 types of different lentils, cheap. buy insta pot and get different meals every day.

It's okay to talk on the phone while pooping, amirite?

Yes. I do the same. I began talking quite a lot on the phone ever since it became "kinda free"ish to do it (meaning 15 yrs ago or something)(just over the internet if not via anything else).

Especially because I lived alone for quite a long time.