About me.

Not much to say about myself. Pretty ordinary.

I like science. Mainly chemistry and biology, physics is pretty cool - just so much to it and like no time to pursue it.

Also, maths... maths is cool.

Art's always cool. 'nuff said.

Photography is my favorite - just the idea of capturing a moment in time... it's awesome!

That being said I pretty much hate digital photography (especially fucking instagram). With film, it was expensive so the 30 (or so) shots you had definitely had to count, now it's take hundreds of shots, weed out the bad, and photoshop the rest.

I had a flickr account... can't remember what happened to it. I need to get it back up and running - when I do, it'll be posted :).

A little more about me:

I'm 17

This is too hard - if you want to know something just ask.