Nicki Minaj really doesnt have any talent and her songs sound like shit, amirite?
Moles can make some of the sexiest bodies just gross, amirite?
America is like the hipster of the earth, i mean we're the only country that uses a 12 hour clock, fahrenheit, we're the only country that has daylight savings time and we're also the only country that doenst use the metric system. amirite?

This is such a typical 'merican post

You'd like a book to be dedicated to you. Or a college. But a parking garage is just weird, amirite?
It's annoying when baristas/cashiers make fun of you for you're order. "Oh, you want soy milk in your coffee? haha, ok.." "Oh, you don't want your sandwich toasted? haha, whatever..." Amirite?

Ok, this doesn't seem too bad - it's just how he said it...

Vegetarians have it all wrong. I mean, if you're not supposed to eat cows, why are they made of food? Amirite?
@YeahIAm Erm... has this every actually happened?

I guess it's because if you're going to have underaged sex, the safest way to do so would be with a condom. A bunch of young people running around pregnant wont be too good.

It sucks when you have to sneeze and there's food in your mouth, amirite?

And it's in a public restaurant, and you use the your hand to cover up, and you have to keep it up there to not show anyone, and there are no tissues or napkins to wipe up... that sucks.

People who use "words" like yesh, shiz, and rawr in their regular vocabulary are annoying, amirite?

'Bad' words in quoting is fine. It's a quote, it doesn't necessarily have to convey your opinion as well.

e.g. Reverend Joe called Mr Smith "a gullible fuckwit" for not conforming to his ministry and choosing a life of reason.

You hate it when people think you are lying about being a virgin just because you use jumbo tampons. But it's not your fault that you have a heavy flow and a wide set vagina, amirite?

This post made me google jumbo tampons in class. Chemistry teacher wasn't impressed.

Bravery is admitting you don't think that cats are that great on the internet. Amirite?
@Brandyandtophats *...are NOT that great... Typo

Actually yeah, ignore my first comment. Made sense the first time.

There are some songs that you only like because of nostalgia, amirite?
@Starlight_dragon All the songs that used to play at elementary school dances. They're terrible, but the memories are great.

"heeeeeeey, hey baby. OH AH. I want to knoooooooow if you'll be my girl" I have no idea what this song is, but at EVERY elementary school dance, they played it haha.

If someone molests a child, and then the parent of that child kills the child molester, the parent shouldn't go to jail, amirite?

Ok, so lets say there are 2 outcomes for this post:

1) The parent murders 'Chester the molester'. In the three people involved (possibly 4 [including the other parent]), we have:

  • a dead person (who was probably loved by others, like family)
  • a molested child needing counselling
  • killer parent/s possibly needing counselling

2)Nobody murders anybody. Chester is in gaol, and the child can get some help. We have:

  • a molested child needing counselling

I'm not a fan of child abusers. I think they are some of the lowest of scum on this planet. This doesn't justify murdering them.

Seeing how respectful dogs are when interacting with children really shows they're man's best friend. Amirite?

Also, this is in reference to well brought up, family pet - I do realise that there are dog attacks.

It's really annoying that in acne commercials the before has a picture in a tattered shirt and they look really depressed, and then in the after they look all perky and showered with a new outfit, amirite?

Need new clothes, antidepressants, and a haircut? BUY CLEARASIL